Monday, September 14, 2009

What Are Your Favoritie Spiritual Songs and/or Favorite Hymns?

Ever since the July tent revival in Talihina,
I've been especially cognizant of Christian music.
Well, I'd always listened to Christian radio, when the R.Wing. radio talk show hosts weren't available.
~Ever cognizant of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and His/Our Father always....

My good friend and fellow Okie blogger, Mr. Willis, has offered up his favorite Christian song, "King of Kings", over at his blog, Romans 13:10.
You should hear it! Beautiful, moving, uplifting.

Here is my current favorite Christian song played on the radio (KLOVE).
Come to Jesus"

I've already posted my Alltime favorite Christian hymn, "Love Lifted Me" before,
but here it is again, sung by televangelist, Benny Hinn:

Here is my Leticia''s Alltime favorite hymn, "What A Friend We Have In Jesus",
what a privilige to carry everything to God in prayer~!:

So what are your personal favorite songs/hymns, and do you have a link to them anywhere on the Internet???
I wish that you would share them here, please.

Specifically, I'm calling out JMom, Abouna, ABINPOPPA, Spitfire, KIni, hatless, McGehee, Jeffro--
Anyone else who wants to share their personal favorites here.

I'm sure "Love Lifted Me" will fit right in with these, on that day, since my Creator/Father already Knows this about me.....


Melessa said...

"How Great Thou Art"

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Luciano Pavarotti - singing "Panis Angelicus" -

Luciano Pavarotti - "O Holy Night" -

Charlotte Church- "Ave Maria" -

Elvis Presley - "Precious Lord" -

Elvis Presley - "Put Your Hand in the Hand" -

The Local Malcontent said...


Our Jungle Mom accidently left her reply to this post, on another one
('Dillon & Idiot, BFF').

Here's what JMom had to say:

My favorite is How Great Thou Art. I did a post with the words but do not have a link to the music.

September 14, 2009 11:38:00 AM CDT

Spitfire said...

Well, I've searched and searched, but couldn't find a decent link to my favorite song....It's Fall On Me by Joel Chernoff and Sharon Wilbur. It's Messianic Jewish...
But I love most everything Joel Chernoff and Paul Wilbur have done... so it was hard to pick just one song....I love Dance with Me by Paul Wilbur too. You can find them on You Tube...

I also love How Great Thou Art and Amazing Grace...especially as played at the end of the movie!! All those bagpipes and drums just thrill me!

I have several on the side of my blog if you'd like to hear them...but can't seem to get the you tube links to work here. Sigh.

Thanks for asking my favorites. Shalom, Spitfire