Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ya'll Come Hungry~!

The Mr./Mrs. Malcontents will be taking this long, holiday
weekend off to kick up our heels just a bit.

The Choctaw Labor Day Festival has come 'round again,
and believe me, it IS ALWAYS LOADS OF FUN~!
Besides seeing many friends from faraway again,
meeting new additions to families,
some new inlaws and
more than a few outlaws,
the Festival is always a clean way of
rejoicing and revelling in being Indian.
Speaking, and hearing nothing but Choctaw is my favorite part.
(NO, it's not really-- Eating is always my favorite part)
Of the Festival iteself, that is.

No Liberal, Confiscatory, Money-grubby, Bedwetters here,
or Even Allowed.

Total Choctaw, Total PartyAnimal~!
"Sleep" for the next four days will be an illusive, mythical thingie,
if past years are any indication.
Last year, as a single guy, I hosted two out-of-town families at our place.
Last year, I introduced MISS Leticia around as my fiancee'.
Things have changed for (a darned site) the better for me since then.
Everyone is invited, is very welcome to be a part of the Choctaw Festival, and I promise you will have a grand time. Here's the Nation's Festival website,

wherein you will find directions to, an entertainment calendar, information on nearby lodging, and here's a schedule ((in PDF)) of all the events over the next four days--

There's even weather information at this website!
Presently, it is cool and drippy wet.
I'm entering the Horseshoe pitching contest, Saturday.
And I'm willing to buy your votes/endhorsements.
(see me afterwards)
Leti is entering the Pie Baking Competition.
*(likewise, plus)

Words of advice:
Come early, + 1 hour, to any event you want to be a part of,
and Bring your own lawnchairs, or
your smallpox-free blankets to sit on;
Vote Conservative every time you can, blah blah blah...

That is my LAST bit of political jargon for five days. LOL
Cause it's time for a Festival, friend~!


Jeffro said...

Sounds like a blast! You and the lovely bride have yourselves a time, now, ya hear!

Kini said...

Auwe, go for da grinds bradda!

I hope you both have a good weekend and a Happy Labor Day.

Me ke Aloha Pumehana ia kakou!

Spitfire said...

OH! I do SO wish it weren't football season down here!!!!! We'd be there in a heartbeat...Unfortunately, it looks really bad when the coach doesn't show up for the game...especially since this weekend is homecoming. Sigh.

Have a great time, enjoy yourself, mind your manners!And put in my vote for both you and Mrs. Mal!!! Oh, and don't forget to tell us all about it next week. Shalom, Spitfire

Anonymous said...

Have fun!

ABNPOPPA said...

Have a great time. Behave, you are a married man now and must act accordingly. You're also young so that give you quite a bit of leeway. When you get back how about giving us a little taste of the food you ate.

Like Spitfire I wish I could come. Keep me posted maybe next year. I still want to go back to Fort Sill and tour the area. Do you know a good Scout?


Subvet said...


Christopher Willis said...

You will not see this comment until after y'all have made it home but I hope that you have a blast. I have spent my birthday at work and it has not been that bad of a night. Wish I could be there!