Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Zombie Malcontent, Now

What can I say??
Due to overwhelming objection from online friends, my uncle Bryan and from Leticia, who's already tired of listening to me rant privately to her about our national abuse at the hands of ZerObama & Company,
I Am Back. And I Will Never Leave Blogging ever Again. I Will Stay.
That is the Choctaw way, anyways.... Commitment. Endurance.

(Ehh, sleep is overrated)

I sent an email to many of you regular readers of the LMC, explaining another reason why I felt why this blog was an interference to my attention: That ambition has not changed in two-plus days' time-
somehow, I will squeeze out time to blog with everything else offered by my plate.

~ Everyone knows how much I love having full plates in front of me ~

Besides all your kind comments and emails, friends,
this morning, my uncle Bok Chuka made the disappointed, though convincing, and convicting argument for me to continue 'The Local Malcontent'.

Uncle Bok Chuka emailed: "You established a voice on the Internet for us Choctaws with your blog. Either you can be a quitter and quit, giving all us another setback, or you fight on, tired and bloodied, even more fiercely...."

Emphasizing his point, he added the following photos of Evil, American torture of Iraqi kids, in his email:

Reason enough to FIGHT.

the ZMC will now fight for Brains, Brains, brains!


Anonymous said...


(And my word-verificaion string for this comment is "preacha." Hmmmm...)

Anyway, do I need to rename my link to this site, "Zombie Malcontent?"

If so, you may get a spelling fatwa from this guy.

Jeffro said...

Carry On!

Spitfire said...

I'm SO glad you're staying with us. I missed you in just the couple days you were gone! I understand the full plate thing....just look at it as another way to keep you out of serious trouble...gotta keep those plates spinning. LOL!

Not sure I like the zombie part, but I know you aren't some risen from the coffin, half decayed, yucky monster...you're a jewel!

Welcome back. And Leticia, hopefully we can diffuse some of his ranting to you Sweetie...I've got one like that myself. ;-)

Shalom, Spitfire

Jungle Mom said...

Ho do you say, "I'm so happy!" in Choctaw??? Cuz I am Tekwanewa! (Ye'kwnana for happy!)

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I screamed in agony for those poor Iraqi children. My God! Imagine our soldiers trying to suck the brains and breath out of those poor gets (oh, excuse me, they were just kissing them), and forcing them on to catapults (oh, I'm sorry, those were seesaws).

Oh well, welcome back my friend, welcome back.

Subvet said...

Outstanding, glad you reconsidered.

And yeah, sleep is vastly overrated. You can do it all you want when you're dead.