Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Confession is Required For Your Soul

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)-- The FTC is taking a tougher line on bloggers who accept cash or gifts to tout a company's products or services.

Under revised rules announced Monday, the Federal Trade Commission's 'new ruling'will require bloggers and celebrities to clearly state when they receive cash or "payment in kind" for endorsing a company's products or services.

The changes, adopted on a 4-0 vote, are the first revisions to federal guidelines on endorsements and testimonial advertising since 1980 and the first to target bloggers.
Connections between advertisers and endorsers must be disclosed once the revised guidelines take effect on Dec. 1. The FTC said the stricter disclosure requirement will apply to comments on talk shows, blog posts and on social media as well as in traditional advertisements.

Advertisers and endorsers who fail to disclose material connections, or who make false, misleading or unsubstantiated claims may be subject to fines of $11,000 per violation. The FTC didn't set a specific dollar threshold; instead, it called for disclosure whenever a reward is large enough that it might affect the credibility of the endorsement itself.

Did we elect these people?! Isn't this taxation without representation? I'm calling my congressman, Dan Boren tomorrow. Again.

In the meanwhile, I'd better 'fess up, since the Feds are already onto my trail....

I've blogged twice (2) about my 2007 Ford F-150 this year; (Highly recommended)

Blogged once (1) about how delicious Frito-Lay Sunchips are;

Blogged once (1) about Mark Levin's excellent book, Liberty and Tyranny.
Blogged once (1) about how much fun can be had at Durant's Choctaw Casino/Resort. I wrote this post after they fired me, too! But no doubt, they will give me somewhat higher odds when I go play the ponies of the Breeder's Cup, because of that one posting-- All's forgiven, right Chief Pyle?

Now, I'm blogging once (1) about how the overbearing Federal government is taking away every liberty they can think of.
Gimme a Goody's powder, Stat!
For fast headache (gov't.) relief~!

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Jeffro said...

I've talked up some of my now stolen guns, does that mean I'm off the hook now that they're gone?

I swear, we're in the bearded Spock universe these days.