Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm A Racist, You're A Racist,
He's A Racist, She's A Racist,
Wouldn't You Like To Be A Racist Too?

OR, you and I are competent, educated, conservative Americans, who believe in the right to object to dangerous policies to our country, being enacted today by the current controversial leadership in Washington. -- the God given right, too.--

Oooh, you watch Fox News? You racist. Read, or ? You racist.
Listen to conservative radio talk shows?

You object to illegal immigrants having every right as your own American child or your Veteran uncle?
Horrible racist~!

See how easy it is to hurl the race card?
But wait, there's more~!

If you disagree with controversial leader Barry Huss Obama in any way, then you are a racist.
Don't you see that? How blindly racist are you??

They try to tell us that the ONLY reason, THE. ONLY. reason we could possibly disagree with the Marxist direction which Obama is taking us, is that we must be racists.
There can be no other possible reason.... such as they are each anathema to our heritage as Americans; such as, they are designed to erode the solid foundation of our country; such as, they fly in the face of both natural and established American laws. Not to mention 'logic' and common sense, also.


the disloyal opposition tosses out the race card yet again, calling us "racists" right off the bat,
as if that will dispel all controversy.
Playing the Race Card is intended to throw the opposition on the defensive; and for which there is NO defense.
(Well, no legitimate defense to true racism.)

The best defense which Conservatives have come up with, since the inception
of Liberals' race card offense,
has been the "well that's Un-American" response.

Weak and up till now, feckless defense to their claims.
I guess it's better to be Un-American, huh??
I have to believe that the very best response to the race card gambit is The History response.
What is the History response, you ask?
See me tomorrow~!


Most Rev. Gregori said...

My adopted sons are Vietnamese and one is Laotian, my good buddy and heart son is a Choctaw, my father was part Lebanese, my mother is part Mohawk. When I got married years ago, my Best Man was my good friend Roxy Odo Uday from Rhodesia. But since I cannot stand BO's Marxist policies, I guess I will have to admit that I am a racist. Shame on me.

Spitfire said...

The history answer would be that this has been tried before and it has never worked?!?! Like in Rome, Greece, Communist Russia, anywhere else you'd like to look?????? Is that the answer? Seems appropriate to me....but then I'm a racist I reckon. Oh well. Shalom, Spitfire

The Local Malcontent said...

You guessed it, Spitfire:
History shows that socialism has never worked anywhere, at any time.

That's not the whole answer, but unforeseen circumstances MAY prevent me from adding anything for a few days.

Kini said...

When you are losing the debate, you pull the race card. Expect more of this tactic from Team Marxist Obama.

Moderate Americans are waking up to this nonsense. It's all been done before, nothing new, move along.

Jungle Mom said...

and if we are not called outright racists, we are 'angry white people' which somehow does not translate into racism...

ABNPOPPA said...

Well first off, I believe that MRG is what we call a good ol' American mutt in this neck of the woods. All breeds mixed together to make one heck of a breed, Conservative!

Second, Where is Archie Bunker when you need him the most.

I am not quite as complex as MRG but I do believe my German, Italian, Jewish Christian would fall somewhere in the same category.