Friday, October 2, 2009

President Wimpy and his Stupid Foreign Policy

I could take you on a world tour of media who all express the same misgivings about Obama. It is abundantly evident that the only newspapers that think Obama is the greatest thing since sliced bread and canned beer are those in America. And some of them are beginning to have doubts. Meanwhile, President Stupid will continue to lay waste to the national economy, stymie our need for more energy resources, encourage the nation’s enemies, and stimulate worldwide derision as he stumbles from one speech to another in a vain effort to make up his mind.

On behalf of both sliced bread and canned beer, I vehemently resent that comparison.
But his words are accurate.
So are these:

Bringing a plate-of-wet-noodles foreign policy to the international bargaining table, when the world is in the sort of dire straights not seen since the 1930s, does not amuse sane people. Several incubating disasters await strong leadership, while our hot-to-trot celebrity president jets over to Copenhagen to flash his pearly whites at the International Olympic Committee on behalf of his chum, Mayor Daley. Any real man would be hard at work in the trenches at the White House.

I must honestly admit that when I heard Netanyahu's speech at the United Nations last week, I truly wished to claim him as my own president.(ME too) Speaking in the simple language of the stalwart, true-and-bold intellectual, Netanyahu called the proverbial spades for what they were and challenged a corrupt, contemptible, cowardly bunch of reprobates out of the shadows and into the light of truth.
He puts our own president to shame.
And I just thank the good Lord Almighty that there are a few real men like him left. (Ditto)

Of course, that's presuming that America had an 'American' as President.
Instead we have a community organizer, an academician who may be book smart, but utterly bereft in terms of real world experience,
who is so in love with his mirror image exclusively,
he cares for little else.
Wonder if Michelle has ever worn a reflective Mylar bag over her face....

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