Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Real Rough Stretch of Road

I want to apologize for being away from this blog for almost two weeks-
it has been just an awful, awful time for my wife and me.

"When it rains it pours" is so much a valid truth.
So is "bad news comes in threes", but in our case it was fours.
Thus, this bloggie went to the back seat.

I know that- I feel that, Leti and I were always in your prayers, nevertheless;
for those prayers, friend, I do thank you each.
For always, matters could have been far worse, but for the intervening Hand of our Lord.

To explain here all which has happened in the past 13 days would become a very long blogpost,
a book.
With each day worse than that previous one, through last Friday. Oh well~

Leticia's mother died on October 21, 2009. I posted about her life and her passing, which friend Jeffro knows, since he read and posted a very kind comment to that now-deleted LMC post (Our thanks, Jeffro); when Leticia also read it, she objected(!) to the personal, identifiable information which I'd added about her mother. To add to matters, I even got her name wrong, and she insisted I delete it all. And she is right: TMI.

Lois died of pneumonia. She was 56 years old.

That led to our first, real marital fight, and man did it come at the worst time, considering.

On Sunday, the day after my dear mother-in-law's funeral Saturday before last, the LeFlore county sheriff came looking for me, accompanied by the Talihina police chief and deputies. Leticia and I had been staying at her mother's home in the town of LeFlore, to begin the probate and see to legal matters, and of her younger sister's welfare.
::: Dillon had run away from home, missing for four days at that point... Was he with us, did I know where he was?

No, he was not with us, and we suddenly had a new, compelling pain to focus upon. Dillon missing.
I led the Talihina P.D back to our house in Yanush to search for him- around our house or the lake, everywhere.
Leti took the LeFlore county sheriff to our hideaway on Winding Stair mountain, where they found him- he had been there since Thursday night after a dispute with his mother and stepdad, getting really angry, running off and getting a ride with a stranger to the Talimena Drive, he told the authorities.
He'd stayed at our 'escape pod' those three nights alone- waiting for, expecting to surprise us on our arrival, but not knowing anything about our loss of Leti's mother.

The deputies took him back home. In the patrol car.
He and I didn't get any chance to speak with each other about his dumbness, until this weekend. He came and spent Saturday night, apologizing all over himself for his actions, and we talked long about family, about being a proper young man, about not going off on a tangent when he's upset.

Last Monday, October 26, my immediate boss at the Tax Commission called me to immediately come to Oklahoma City to explain some things regarding my bi-monthly audits of one area casino.
So off I went to Oklahoma City, staying for two nights, Monday and Tuesday.
One casino, against which is some compelling evidence of gaming tampering, of winnings that were denied or were withheld to players, and apparently kept by the tribe, or by some managers there; none of which I'd seen nor reported to the state in any manner by law.
That this happened at only one casino which I audit, and only recently, though operated by my own tribe
IS damaging: The ongoing investigation should prove my honesty.... or my utter ignorance; I hope for the former, but expect the latter.

I'm home tonight alone, the third night in a row;
Leticia is over in LeFlore, staying with her sister;
Dillon is at his home in Talihina, and attending school;
the tribe's casino is still open for business.

I'm here with beer, reeling.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

WOW! I was wondering what happened. I didn't have a chance to email you as I have been busy with doctor appointments and my brand new computer decided to go on the blink (it appears that it has a faulty hard drive, so Dell is going to send me a new hard drive at no cost).

Any how, please extend my condolences to Leti, and I hope an pray that all turns out for the best for you Leti and Dillion. I shall pray that the 'rough stretch of road gets paved over. Tell Dillion that I said he shouldn't do anything stupid. Too many people love him and don't want to see him get hurt.

Come Thursday, I have to go for a five hour nuclear heart stress test, then on Friday it is a complete blood workup.

Keep me posted, okay? Go easy on the beer. Remember, I am here for you if you need to unload (talk).

Kini said...

Auwe, my friend. Our prayer and sympathy are with you and Leticia.

Kini a me Mikela (from both of us)

We shed tears for you both. Auwe.

Subvet said...

You're in my prayers.

The Local Malcontent said...

We thank you all, everyone, for your kind and warm words of sympathy. Believe me, some of you are every bit as close a friend as many we cherish around here.
So, your words are real comfort to us.
Please keep us, especially Leticia, in ya'lls prayers-

Thank you again!~

Jeffro said...

Hang in there my brother!

I use Google Reader, and it captures all posts - edits and deleted ones, too. So, if I see a post duplicated more or less several times, then I know the blogger edited it that many times.

I'm kinda in a weird spiral myself - my godson was arrested for bank robbery the other day, and even though there was really nothing I could do, I feel like perhaps I should have stuck my oar into where it wasn't welcome anyways.He was a very spoiled child, much to my chagrin. Ahh, well. He'll either sink or swim - maybe he'll know what NO means now.

Spitfire said...

Oh, my sweet friend! I am SO sorry about Leti's mom. Then when you add the other things, I'm sorry for you too Sweetie. That's a lot to deal with all at one time. Please know my heart and my prayers are with you both and with Dillon also.

Having been a foster parent for years, I can hear the pain,frustration, and insecurity in Dillon's actions...bless his heart. You, LM, are incredibly awesome to be such a good friend to him...he needs that.

Don't give up, dear one, if it's hit bottom, it has nowhere to go but up! (Trust me on this one...I've been at the bottom more than once. It always goes up afterwards!)Know I'll be keeping all of you in my prayers till next we hear from you. Shalom, Spitfire

Jungle Mom said...

I am so sorry I have not been by sooner. I did lift you up in prayer when you mentioned a bad time in a comment you left me. I have had intermittent power and not been able to get online much for nearly two weeks.
What a difficult patch you two have had. I pray things are mending for you all!
Tell Leti my heart aches for her in this loss.