Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where To Start?

Hello, again~!
Our week "living off the grid" went exceedingly well - as a starting point.
While we were away, I thought of thousands of things to come back and blog about, to comment upon-
from the communing/combat with nature to the unexpected inconveniences neither of us could anticipate, to our pride at seeing a little boy's innate, though untested skills, to a night's real terror during a long, mountain thunderstorm.
From the sounds of total silence of each dusk/night, to the early morning shooting of black bear/deer seasons,
the sudden serenity to sudden tension.
I could compose 1,000 paragraphs here, now.
I am a changed man for this effort.
Except that, I just could not resist watching todays' OU/Texas game....

I once thought I was born a mere hundred years too late: Now, I know that
it is closer to 200 years too late.
Much of American life is an illusion: A slight of hand Trick.
For those of you who know where to look, I'll detail more of our 10 days there.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Welcome back my friend. Glad you made it through safely although I never had a doubt. Your BBF will grow to be a great man due to your interest and love for him. In years to come he will look upon this experience with fond memories. Remember what I told you a while ago, "Any man can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad." I n my book, you are that special man and your BBF is truly blessed.


Thank you and Leti for the get well ecard. Just to update you, I am still having some sever upper left side chest pains and fevers. I will be seeing my doctor on Monday morning, and since he now feels that I may be having some cardiac problems, he will be setting up some tests which will probably take place later this coming week or early next week.

Well again, welcome back and God Bless

Spitfire said...

I'm glad things went well out in the wilderness. And that ya'll learned lots, grew closer and had fun! As far as being born 200 years too late, nah. I believe you were born 'for such a time as this!' Who knows who else you may end up having to help with learning how to live off the grid?! I think there's lots of us who are "old fashioned" who may come in real handy before too long!!! Those of us who know how to take care of yourselves and our own the 'old fashioned' way. We'll see. Anyway, glad you're back. Shalom, Spitfire

Jungle Mom said...

Welcome home. Glad it went well. Maybe you are not born too late, maybe you just need to go to the jungle!!!;)