Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wrestling Back the Hands of Time

This is essentially an update post. One which I really never expected to compose,
since I "quit blogging here" ten days ago.

My wife and I will be living in our hidden escape pod in the woods, beginning tonight and for the next 10 days, testing it for unforeseen flaws and leaks, discerning whether or not it makes us crazy.
Shoot, we may even stay. Especially if, it makes us crazy.

BFF, 13-year-old Dillion will join us tomorrow night for the weekend; he wants to learn to use a bow and a rifle, but not necessarily kill for food. (wait until he gets reeallly hungry though, or sees a bear or both)

In our absence, why not stroll through memory land, from the beginning?


Christopher Willis said...

Be safe and take plenty of 'Happy Paper' with you.

Spitfire said...

Is this like the Indian version of Sukkot? If so, have a great time. If not, well, have a great time anyway! We've not gotten to sleep in our Sukkah due to weather....and it doesn't look good for tonight either. But we've enjoyed spending what time we could outside in Papa's beautiful nature. (sans loud cars, stray critters, and bugs....)We'll be missing you while you're gone, but will look forward to hearing how it goes when you return. Shalom, Spitfire

The Local Malcontent said...

To be honest, we'll be going to work daily, all next week- that's whose happy paper we will use.
But for the weekends, we'll use a special pair of washcloths.

I saw your Sukkot, so would have to say 'no'; think alot more primative. We have a firepit and candles though~! And quilts. lots of quilts.
I resist the green movement and everything associated withthat, but that's what it will be.
We want to be sure IF the time comes in this country to disappear, we can.

Now we are out.

The Local Malcontent said...

Oh, P.S.

For awhile, comments will be UNmoderated, so please keep them clean, and do not follow any links you are not confident in.

Now bye.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Try not to go crazy. If you should start foaming at the mouth I may have to shoot you.

Have fun, stay safe and make sure your BFF doesn't shoot himself in the foot.


sig94 said...

My SIL and I are looking to buy some property for a bug out house. Hope this works out for you.

Jungle Mom said...

it sounds great!