Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Controversial Leader Obama Unconcerned about Conserative Gubernatorial Wins

Instead, the Narcissist in Chief viewed a documentary on HBO, about himself.
Thus, the election result didn't matter that he made three visits to New Jersey in the past two weeks to campaign for corrupt John Corzine.
Or for his lapdogs at the Washington Post, which demeaned itself with undulating, undeserved praise of Creigh Deeds in Virginia.

(I only learned how to spell that word correctly, "narcissist", this year~!) MAJN-IT.

With everything going wrong with the socialistic legislation which this man-boy-IN-Chief has proposed through Nancy Pelosi and dead-man-walking Harry Reid, it is amazing that his Rasmussen Unpopularity rating is Only -13 today.

How low can it go, by November 2010?

Conservatism Rocks~!

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