Saturday, November 28, 2009

IF I Were An Internet "Bot"
I'd Do It This Way

Friends, I may have let one slip by me last night. Your Local Malcontent receives many "bot" comments made to my posts here-- first to my email address: Most look similar to this:

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which I delete immediatlely, natch. They've been coming in big waves lately, from Singapore and Bangladesh.

But I may have let one slip through last night: "Jason" commenting on

Jason isn't selling Viagra or Porn, so far:
He has a debating society website, called "DEBATEitOUT".
Jason's comment, "You have a great blog here. I'm a first-time visitor but I like what I'm seeing. I have a blog myself where people from all around the world come and debate on popular issues. I think you would provide some valuable insight to us all. Also, I was wondering if we could do a link exchange. If you would like to, please leave a comment under my "Compadres" page saying when you have my link up and I'll return the favor.
Please let me know.
(website address)"

Wouldn't a first-time visitor, 'BUT who liked what he is "seeing"' on a Thanksgiving/Prayer post by a Conservative have responded with something (intelligent, as the rest of you did) in relation to the post itself??
Did 'Jason' READ the LMC, or did he merely See that LMC?

Before I published his comment, I took time to visit DEBATEitOUT. I poured through three questions, comments which were posed there, for 'the world' to debate.
What Jason may be selling instead of the little Blue pills is Liberal legitimacy.
Perhaps even 0~s0, innocent, Worldwide, popular opinion.
UN-based crap. --

Because I didn't see any conclusions at all reached, given, or any absolute truths espoused, based on the US constitution, or on the Bible or Torah. AT ALL.
My (deleted) reply to Jason, on that recent post read something like,
"I don't want to become known as the token 'Native American' voice on your site. I am a registered commenter on HotAir, MichelleMalkin, and JihadWatch, but infrequently comment on those; only reading/taking the pulse of the other commenters thereon;
besides, my opinions are all clearly expressed right here."

'Jason' invites another blogger, at the *UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock blog, to link to DEBATEitOUT, expressing essentially the same thing in the 2nd comment there-- BUT calls himself 'Giants Fan'.

Visit his debate site if you choose, friends; it is worth seeing once, at least.

And Jason, if you do come back and read this post devoted to you, please comment again, and please address me as "Mal" when you do, as friends of mine do...

Then I'll, know you are not a bot, apologize to you.
Then, my friends will all know you are not a bot.
Then, I'll give you my counter offer, to your offer of linkages, above.


Anonymous said...

That's a say-nothing guy running a learn-nothing site to attract a know-nothing readership. I wouldn't have given him a second chance (and for all I know I may have trashed a comment from him in the past and just don't remember it).

A bot can be excused for thinking like a bot because that's all it can do. If that DebateItOut guy isn't a bot, he has no such excuse.

The Local Malcontent said...

Oh, so you visited DebateitOut, I see....

CGHill said...

These things come in cycles. I got rather a lot of them (though not from him specifically) during the summer. Nothing much during the fall, though.

The WordPress spamtrap generally catches them anyway, so I have a tendency to overlook them.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Ah my friend, live and learn. BOTs, ugh, I think I stepped on one yesterday.

The Local Malcontent said...

That last one beat the Word Verification thingie, too~!

So sorry that you have to see this crap, but we are going on a vacation for Christmas==


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