Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Next Field of "Expertise"

UPS delivered my newest toy this afternoon.
(Why does UPS work on Veterans Day??)

A 30-pound box of electronic bits and pieces, designed to give us, me, my wife and 'our boy' Dillon a greater feeling of freedom should the need arise.

Wanna see it? Lookee
here, at this PDF spec sheet.

To be installed this weekend, all for the low, low price of going to watch Dillon play 6th grade basketball tomorrow night in Wilburton, then "escorting" him to Talihina High School's first round- state playoff game, Friday night at home against Wynnewood High School (6-4).

The cost of watching our boy play basketball and then the next night, make sure he's on best behavior, as we three attend the football game, -- for his valuable, monkey-agile assistance in installing this solar energy cell stack over the weekend?


(While this post may lead, may tell others that we intend to ride-out the short-lived, Socialistic conversion of America in a well hidden, old camper trailer, I'll bet you any sum, that you can't find it, or us, in it.)

By the time that we may need to evacuate to that place, Leticia will have canned over 5 dozen jars of vegetables from our garden, friends' gardens, and from the farmers' market in Talihina, and fruit from our peach trees..
The boy and I can either fish, or trap or kill game around our land to supplement our diet.

Now at least, the Microwave oven will work~!


Most Rev. Gregori said...

It looks great, but I bet I can screw it up big time if I were to put it together. Looks like things are coming along for you and your "Family"

My blessings and love to all.

Spitfire said...

Waiting with bated breathe to hear how easy/difficult it is to install. We've looked at doing that several times more because I'm not happy with the cost of electricity and would LOVE to have the electric company pay ME for a change...

Please be sure to let us know how this works out. Is it easy to install? Does it actually supply enough electricy? I'd need to keep our freezer working....don't have room to do too much canning although I do some. But lack of space is our problem. So I freeze tons of food!(When I can get it TO the freezer before Little Critter and Dodi eat it raw in the garden!!! LOL!)
Glad to hear things seem to be working out well for ya'll. SHalom, Spitfire

Jungle Mom said...

I have helped my husband put MANY of those together...
We had a solar powered freezer. We could not afford the ready made on, so he was able to come up with a home made alternative. Of course, that takes a lot of batteries.

The Local Malcontent said...

We will find out tomorrow how easy it is to put together; I assembled the panel with little problem (it takes up the whole length of my pickup bed~), have enough length of 8-gauge wiring and two tractor batteries to utilize.

Spitfire, as JMom says, a freezer can be operated by solar-
or you could look into a propane freezer- that's what our hideaway's little fridge runs on.

thanks for the best wishes, Shalom Shabbat, and we'll visit again on Monday