Monday, November 16, 2009

NO Jobs Created Whatsoever in Oklahoma Congressional Distrct 51

"hand jobs"

The great state of Oklahoma, the 53rd state, has received a total of $492,815,175 of the Federal Stimulus plan, thus far this year, according to controversial leader Barry Huss Obama's website.

And it is reported there, that nearly 8,750 jobs have been created or saved with that dough (at a generous, average salary of $$ 56,341 each).

Here is a breakdown of jobs created/saved, by OK. Congressional district, from the chief executive of the United States:

I really despise all the people in Oklahoma's 51st Congressional district-- receiving over $10,600,000 dollars and not creating, nor saving one puny job over there.
On the other hand, Oklahoma's 24th Congressional district area received $311,966, and created (a whole new district) 12 "jobs".

Wherever "there" is, that got that money. Our money. [oklahoma only has 5 districts]

Liars~!! in the White House.
To see how many new districts your state now has, go to the above link, choose your state then click "See All Districts".


McGehee said...

86th congressional district: 0 jobs; $1,668,656

We have more districts than California!

ABNPOPPA said...

Mal, my little brother, I think you have failed to miss President Obama's "transparency program." The "transparency program" is working so well the district is transparent and so is the jobs and money sent there!

Pssst. Hint,

Look for the money in some governmental black hole such as ACORN bank account or SEIU. Just a little hint, that's all.

Hope this finds you and your bride doing well.


The Local Malcontent said...

You know guys, somewhere today on the radio, I heard that little ol' Connecticut has 27 Congressinal districts, too~!

You make a good point, Pops-
the money already spent via grants and loans across America have all gone into someone's pockets, because it hasn't borne any jobs to speak of, nor has it spurred the US economy.

marion said...

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