Friday, November 13, 2009

SOLACE, Possibly Found

Last night I found the very best rendition of my most favorite song ever
on YouTube.
Of course, it's "Solace" by Joplin.

Aren't we all looking for more Solace in our lives? I may have added to ours,

to Leticia's, definitely to mine, with this.
This is sooo close to the way I play Solace on our piano,

always with tears streaming, wetfaced.
We have so many Scott Joplin CDs, LPs, and tapes,
I'm always seeking that proper perspective,
the proper Respective,
to only one composition.

This video rendition comes closest to the emotions Scott Joplin felt
when he composed it in 1908, for his wife, Lottie.

For she, similarly, was his Solace, his Refuge, his Abandon, his Comfort.
Instructions to be played "very slowly" by Joplin, no one ever has recorded 'Solace', this slowly,
this passionately, this intimately, and IMO, this correctly.

Tears. Every time I hear 'Solace', I weep- I have since I was a little man,
and I hope I do, every time I hear it.
(I know why - but I can't broadcast it here.

"26 chapters...", hatless :=) )

Please, to enjoy~! for the umpteenth time here at the LMC, please listen with me, to
"SOLACE" by American Scott Joplin:

Have a great weekend, OK? Find Solace for yourself.

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