Wednesday, November 25, 2009

THANKSGIVING, 2009: Our Prayer

This one is very personal, very important for two Christian, Okie newlyweds.
It will be an unexpectedly sad Thanksgiving, without Leticia's mother seated with us, naturally-- but in a certain way, that's only one more thing to bring before God in thankful prayer-- that we got to share our love with Lois, that she got to see her oldest marry; the strength of character she imparted to Leti; the too-short time which she knew me as "son", and I knew her as "mother"....

It's been a rough year, yet there has never been a moment during which, we could not find something to be truly thankful for.

At one point this year, I thought that our washed-away gardens were a tragedy, and an unpleasant burden to replant, remember? Our second garden grew quickly though, and offered us just as many vegetables as we could eat and share with our friends.

Thank You for that, Your bounty, Father~!

Personally, I was able to quit smoking cigarettes this year, with Leticia's nagging.... LOL.

NO, instead
with her sweet understanding and infinite patience. Thank You for that strength, Father~!

Despite our controversial leadership, the United States of America is still THE place to live on this planet.
Without question, we have deep, divisive problems presently in America; and Yes, I will join in prayer asking for His Guidance for Mr. Obama, that his mind can be changed, and that our country can be saved.
Thank You for that, Father~!

We cannot be otherwise, but overwhelmingly thankful for our many, many friends, loved ones and family, for each other, and for my BFF, our beloved nitwit, Dillon.
And, for each and every one of you, our friends, faithful readers
of The Local Malcontent bloggie--
We began as Internet friends, and have blossomed into so much more.

Thank You Holy Father, for each of you and yours,
and for ya'll gracing our lives~!

We are thankful for our health, our minds, our love for each other, our shared knowledge and skills, and for the eternal hope of increasing, improving each more, as our loving Creator's Will desires. Thank You for that, Father~!

Oh, Lord, we thank You for the extraordinary home, our Earth, with all it's wonders and opportunities to grow and to learn, and to further appreciate Your glory and Your Love for us all.

In closing this particular blogpost, I'd really like to do two things:
Call each of you by name, remembering you here, as we shall do in prayer on Thanksgiving, and ask one favor, too:

Could you Charles, Kini, JMom, Abouna, Jeffro, Mr. Willis, Spirfire, hatless, Subvet, McGehee, Crazy4Danes, Pops, Sig94, Gregor, Jon, BobG, Col. B. Bunny and Patricia, could you please remember Ron and Leticia, the Malcontents to God in your Thanksgivings too?

(now here is an awesome thought:
All the above + me, gathered around a big dinner table)
((Problems. Solved.))

The other thing: I've moved my music FineTune player up,
in the Right margin over here.
Click on it please, and listen to the first song....

It is lovingly, for you.
For whatever it is, I trust God to choose one, and to bless you with it. I hope that you enjoy the song~!
(might take two songs... 'mysterious Ways' and all. LOL)

And we MOST pray that you each have a very blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, surrounded by smiling faces, warm feelings, good cheer and a thankful, hopeful heart~!

Your Friends, Always~
Ron and Leticia Malcontent




Jeffro said...

could you please remember Ron and Leticia, the Malcontents to God in your Thanksgivings too?

Consider that request honored before it was asked!

And a joyous Thanksgiving to the Malcontent household!

The Local Malcontent said...

So, I tested the FineTune "dedication":

of course, I got Bob Segars'
"Still The Same".

God Loves me so much~!

Jungle Mom said...

I feel honored! We will remember you as I do daily in my prayers. We really need to meet you guys!
And yes, that would be some table conversation we could have, huh?

CGHill said...

"It's been a rough year, yet there has never been a moment during which, we could not find something to be truly thankful for."

A blessing indeed. May the Lord bestow upon you many more. :)

Kini said...

Happy Thanksgiving with Aloha!

Thank you for including us in your prayers. We are humbled.

I lost my Mom in April of this year also. I feel your loss, but I also know they are in a better place.

Makela and I wish you, Leticia, your friends and family, all the best.

Aloha a me Hau'oli La Ho'omaika'i!

BobG said...

Always thankful for friends and acquaintances; best wishes to you and your family from BobG and SandyG.
Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Spitfire said...

A little slow getting to my blogging friends' posts, but know you were for sure in our prayers today as we thanked Papa for all His blessings. I had some cooking to do this week (and had to work too)so didn't have the time/energy to visit before today. But you and Leti were given special prayers from us. I LOVE the idea of the big table with all of us around'll happen one day...with Yeshua at the head of the table! What a glorious thought. Thanks for praying for us also. Blessings to you both, Sweetie. Shalom, Spitfire

Jason said...

You have a great blog here. I'm a first-time visitor but I like what I'm seeing. I have a blog myself where people from all around the world come and debate on popular issues. I think you would provide some valuable insight to us all. Also, I was wondering if we could do a link exchange. If you would like to, please leave a comment under my "Compadres" page saying when you have my link up and I'll return the favor.

Please let me know.


sig94 said...

Late to the blessings (as usual) but may our Heavenly Father grant you peace and prosperity even in these troubled times. It is amazing how we can still prosper when we look to things other than financial gain - may you be rich in all of these.

After 32 years I stopped smoking in 2001 and am always grateful when God blesses another person with release from this addiction.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Sorry for the late comment, but I have been busy with some personal issues in my family (I will fill you in later), but I wanted you to know that I gave thanks for friends like you and Leticia and my special prayer is that despite your loss, you and Leticia (and I included your BFF) had a very blessed and Christ filled Thanksgiving.