Saturday, November 14, 2009

This 'n' That

We have about an hour this morning, until Leticia gets home from work, so that we can head over to the hideaway to work.

I'm seated here next to my BFF Dillon, who wanted to see how I compose a post on The Local Malcontent bloggie.
Meaning, this is more of a teachable moment, than a real blogpost~!

So what do you want to see?

how do you put pictures on?

Like this, Dillon:
1) click here;
2) choose your image choice; where to put it on the blog,
3) then click OK,
4) and put a caption on the pic, if you need to.

Here's His Choice of picture to post here:



"Say something to your readers (that you've not offended), will ya?"

I do not like pumpkin pie. It tastes like medicine only worse.

"What is your favorite kind of pie?"
Cherry and blackberry.
"Both of those kinds make you fart alot." (teasing)
So you must eat them alot,Ron?
"You are smarter than me, aren't you, pie-expert, Dillon?"
I make all As in school, except in Oklahoma history.
"We will fix that... What is 3.14162, pie-expert?"
Like, your IQ?

Let's go on to how to colorize our conversation here, shall we?


Jungle Mom said...

I thought that was a very fun post to read!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Tell Dillon that next to banana cream pie, my favorite is pumpkin pie and even sweet potato pie. Yummy.

May be Dillon can start a blog of his own sometime soon.

God bless.

Spitfire said...

Great post LM and Dillon.
By the way, blackberry pie is OK, try blackberry works better with less outcome...if you get my drift. LOL!

And if pumpkin pie is made correctly, it doesn't taste like medicine. I make it from scratch (like I start with a pumpkin and cook it down) and then add the spices and stuff. Even Dodi likes it and he doesn't like pumpkin pie. But I prefer pumpkin bread. It's sweet, moist and wonderful!!!! Shalom, SPitfire

Anonymous said...

To me it's just not fall if I don't get at least one slice of pumpkin pie. This year it was given free at Steak 'n' Shake because we were seated and then our server didn't come by to greet us and get our drink order for an unusually long time even for when they're crowded, so he offered us dessert on the house.

Anonymous said...

...but we ate it in the dining room instead.

The Local Malcontent said...

He saw me put in my Blogger password, and asked me what it was both, Abouna, so indeed, he might blog here sometime, unexpectedly---
Mmmm, banana cream !!

Yeah, to me either, McGehee- it is just not fall without pumpkin pie, or raisin pie~ and I'd enjoy it most, on the house.