Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unbiased, Redneck Analysis

Today I took two trusted friends of mine to our hideaway, to show them what Leti, Dillon and I've built into the side of a steep, valley ridge.
Two friends, whose opinions I not only trust and value,

but really, really wanted to impress as well.

Let's call them Marty and Jim, since that's their names anyway.... LOL
Three (not so) little Indian boys, deep in the woods with guns, one bow, and one case of Bud Light.
does it ever, get any better than that???

I value Marty's opinion because he is a genius at electronic thingies and gadgets.

He stays on top of the very latest in thingies and gadgets. Like the Wi-Fi booster antenna he suggested that we buy, to stay on the Internet if and when Leti and I move there fulltime. Like the advice he gave me on the 100-Watt solar energy array that Dillon and I installed last weekend, and about something called 'a Trojan 105 battery'; a super, long lasting battery for backup electrical needs.

I value Jim's more basic-instinct opinions and advice, since he kills a deer or other game on nearly a daily basis for food. ( I almost hate running into him at the store or wherever, since he always brags of his latest kill ) His deep knowledge of available food sources, and his skills at salting meats and storing it is the best I've ever known.
Jim kept whispering "just look at all them squirrels", as we hiked to the hideaway.

After we unloaded and I showed them around,
and yes, after some refreshments, we got down to business.

Marty tagged two broad Red oaks he thought I should cut down to add more clearance for the solar array to the southwest; he used his GPS to locate the nearest, free Wi-Fi, courtesy of the Choctaw Nation and the national Forest Rangers. He suggested I look into a very small, 120 Volt, 6 Amp freezer and some tarps for coverage, to put outside, hidden in the brush.
Marty was impressed, and his true friendship was validated, again.

Jimmy sniffed the air;

Jimmy left walking along the ridgeline, south behind our camper/hideaway.
Jimmy came back to us, grinning a possum-eatin' grin.
"Come on..." was all he needed to say to us.
We armed up and followed our Tonto.

"now Heeer's where the deer are asleeping at night", he told us, after showing us hoofprints that I'd never, ever have seen at all. "They're awalking this way to the water, through this long thicket here, a-circlling through, down to the creek."
"An' over there you can see where some buck er two has been scratching on that scrub oak, up and down- Another one is over yonder too- get you some doe (urine), and a salt lick from Atwoods and you'll have deer year 'round, ready to pick off," he told us with solid confidence.
His evaluation of the fish in the creek below us wasn't so good. "That creek'll be dry two or three months outta the year, and the fish will be thin, what fish you do find."

Oh no- what, no lobsters?

Afterward, we three friends polished off the case of Bud pretty quickly

sitting in lawn chairs in my modest, leafy yard,
when Marty pulled out surprise gifts from his backpack.
Adult beverages which came in half-pints- from Jamaica.
It was all a very good afternoon, today.


Jungle Mom said...

We could have used you friends hunting skills! We had a young indian friend who's name was "Deer Killer" as he nearly always got one.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Have a beer on me. Sounds like your hide-a-way is really coming along.