Saturday, November 7, 2009

An Update on our "Rough Stretch of Road"

Friends, your kind words and thoughts and prayers from all corners
really have been a comfort to both of us,
and I Thank You one and all.

Lois' death, while somewhat anticipated due to her health, still came as a real shock to her loved ones. Like her two daughters, Lois was a strong-willed woman- a fighter and a survivor of so many battles with her health and with her body.
Leticia and I, and Lois' other daughter all believed that she would win this battle with pnuemonia too-
again, as she had so many others before; I even believe Lois may have thought that.

Leticia has been back here, at our home since Wednesday night, and I've been as attentive and consoling as I can think to be all week. There are still times when she cries until her eyes are just dried up, and she is more quiet than normally. And her friends from both communities, all three communities really where she knows everyone, are keeping her and her sister uplifted through prayers and calls and visits and foods/services of all kinds.
Leticia is working through her mother's death in her own way, bit by bit, moment by moment, memory by memory.
And with the passing of time, well, you know....

Our young friend Dillon came by last evening for only a short visit, bringing with him a raisin pie his mother had baked for Leti. He and I had the chance to talk alone outside, before he had to go back home.
His mother has grounded him for the time being, for his (immature) running away stunt, but also for getting into a fight at last Friday's final home football game in Talihina.
He was not suspended from school, only from the game- thank goodness. And quite honestly, I'd have done the same thing as Dillon did, had some dimwit thrown mud all over me and my clothes: I'd have wrestled him down in the same mudpuddle until he was soaked and covered with muck.
It's always the second foul, not the first, which the official sees at football games.

"Spot" promised me that he would tame his emotions last night. But I know that for a 13-year old, that is impossible.

I haven't told LMC readers that Dillon's 16-year old half-brother became a father last month yet, have I?
He did. Jordan is in the 10th grade. So is the new mother. Some accomplishment. >>>>>>>>>

The Oklahoma Gaming Commission has handed down a $1.2 million dollar fine against the casino in my territory, for deception and fraud. It was the Choctaw casino in Pocola.
Now, I have been directed to audit that place every week. And there's more to come, but I'm not at liberty to comment on here.

So are things better?

Always, when seen through the long term, "the river view" of life, always in terms of His timetable.



Spitfire said...

LM, our prayers will continue to be with you, Leticia and Dillon. I've found that when it seems the darkest and nothing seems to make sense, that if I look hard enough I can find something to be thankful for. If it won't offend you, could I help you? Let's see, you and Leti are working thru this pain together. That's a plus!!! You're being an amazing husband and friend to her. And even if she doesn't say it, I know from past experience,she sees it and treasures it in her heart. You are both parts of the same whole. That's a good thing!

Dillon is still coming to you, and still trusts and admires you. That's a plus! Teenage is a hard time for kids, and for him to have a friend like you is most likely what keeps him from juvenile hall!! That's a plus! (plus two more!!!!)

The casino is under investigation, not you. That means they don't think YOU fouled up...just the casino. That's a plus!!! It adds to your travel and work load, but it also shows they trust YOU! That's a double plus since finding a new job in this environment is a real trick right now.

So over all, yes,I'd say things are getting better for you although I realize it may not seem that way. Anytime you build relationships with folks and make a difference in their lives for the better...well,things are going great. And you, my friend, are making a positive impact on several lives. You are a jewel! Give hugs to Leti from Texas and slap Dillon on the back...or give him a 'wet willie' from Texas. (13yo boys don't want hugs....especially from a strange woman!!!!)Shalom, Spitfire

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I am glad that things are starting to look up for you, Leti and Dillion.

I shall keep you all in my prayers.

Now if I could just be as optimistic about the U.S.