Saturday, November 21, 2009

Talihina Golden Tigers Take Second Playoff Game

Went to the Tiger game last night, and was more impressed than ever with our team.

The criticism about the Golden Tigers, that they are essentially a one-diminsional team led by lightning-fast, monster running back Jordan Eagle Road, was put to bed early by a smothering defense. Two games into the state playoffs, and two routs.
At the end of the first quarter (12 mins.), the Golden Tigers
led 25-0. One might think that Eagle Road had a big night, but NO- the defense did.

Thanks to a slippery pigskin (light rain all evening), the Commerce, Ok. team couldn't hang onto their balls. During one of the three consecutive, fumbled possessions in the first quarter, the ball squirted out and straight up into the air, maybe 15-20 feet, hung there until linebacker Shaun James settled under it, and ran it 40 yards into the endzone for the first of his two defensive touchdowns.

Talihina 38, Commerce 7
Next week, at Hennessey.
UPdate: My apologies to linebacker Shaun James for
mis-identifying him as 'Chris' in my post. Corrected.


Spitfire said...

Congrats to the Talihina Golden Tigers! And thanksgiving that we aren't in the playoffs this year....oops, Coach's wives aren't supposed to say that are we. red face. This is the 2nd time in almost 18 years we haven't made the playoffs. And I have to admit I really enjoy having Dodi at home before dark every evening and for Shabbat. So I'm thrilled for your team, but really grateful we're already finished. Hope the Tigers make it all the way! Shalom, Spitfire

The Local Malcontent said...

Coach's wives aren't supposed to say that are we. red face.

I love ya, Spitfire~~!!

Me too, on the Tigers' chances-