Sunday, November 8, 2009

Write A Caption for This Image

A friend gave me the Alzheimer's Disease Research 2010 calendar today after church, and one month's photograph just really has me mesmerized.

Each month's photo has the same, very prominent feature: A waving American flag, from in front of a coffee shop on a snowy Massachusetts street, to in front of a Minnesota barn, from coast to coast really,
including this one from Texas, (July 2010), attached to an old Ford(?) tractor, surrounded by Indian paintbrush wildflowers. It's the one which has me, well, puzzled.

Thinking ahead for what America will be facing next July,
what caption might YOU give this image?
(the Fourth is a Sunday, BTW)

to learn more about Alzheimer's Disease Research, visit , or call +1(800) 437-2423.


The Local Malcontent said...

I'll start us off, as usual:

"America: Still 33 great States Strong~!"

Jeffro said...

Pulling for old fashioned American values.

Jungle Mom said...

"Old Glory" (as in the past...)