Sunday, December 6, 2009

Arrival of Christmas Season: Confirmed

I thought that I'd posted something on this great, little ditty in the past, but cannot find it.
I realize that Charles at Dustbury
did two years ago and four years ago, and that may be what I'm remembering (*that, and listening to the catchy tune in the offseason sometimes at YouTube).

But listening to KTOK online last Thursday,
I heard the B.C. Clark Jewelry jingle once again, for what-- the twentieth year in a row or more ( 'since 1989' ), which confirms for me, it IS now the Christmas season.

My ears perked up the instant - the instant- the first notes of THE jingle began.

For longer than I've known Leticia, for longer than I've been an adult, SHOOT- for longer than I've even been happy-
I've loved the B.C. Clark Anniversary Sale jingle.

It is a one-of-a-kind, singularly Oklahoma tradition, 'since 1892'-

a gem, one I'm pleased to share with you out of towners here.

THE jingle is so popular, that at their website, B.C. Clark is offering the opportunity for anyone to record their version of singing it, for a prize (Jewelry?)....
It is that special.
But then, us Okies are salt of the Earth, simple folk~
Easily amused, I reckon.

Agreed: That last one WAS weird and like ya know, strange.

Guess what?? Now you're hooked, too.


CGHill said...

A few years back, then-New York blogger Dawn Eden was the guest of a passel of Oklahoma bloggers, myself included, and one of the high points of the event was when all of us Sooner types, to illustrate some now-forgotten cultural point, burst into this very jingle - in front of an appreciative crowd at Will's on Western.

I am gratified to note that some people sing as badly as I do.

Jeffro said...

If you could get Linda Soundtrak and Tom Park to do a duet of The BC Clark Jingle - well, you'd really have something there!

sig94 said...

It is amazing how we make associations with jingles, ditties and little bits of songs. It brings certain memories to the forefront and makes special times all the more special.

That OC jingle may mean nothing to me but there are other things that evoke childhood memories that are very, very precious and also comforting. Enjoy the season!

The Local Malcontent said...

Chaz: I know, right!? Embarrassing to realize that one knows/loves the words to the jingle, and can sing it anytime, but offers the safe inclusiveness, the identification as an official Okie, if you can--

Jeffro: Linda Soundtrack??
My gosh, you ARE ancient~~!
why not suggest Fred Norman singing along in a trio?