Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can You Blame Me?

I'm becoming more confused with each passing day.
Everything I've known about our great nation, what I feel in my core to be truth, is now considered wrong or 'old fashioned' by "leaders" who are older than I, yet act less responsibly, less maturely than I, seemingly living in another bizarre world.

How can bringing terrorists who started a War into New York City for a criminal trial be right?

How can an overwhelming, future tax burden on our children be right?

How can a government subsidy/handout for every-need-you-can-imagine be right?

How can the leader of the Democratic Party claim that "the debate between 'capitalism and socialism' is now over", and that some nebulous and undefined mixture of the two, is suddenly proper?

How can it be global warming, with 2" snow in the forecast for San Antonio, Texas, on Friday, December 4th?
San Antonio~! Where there are only two seasons, Summer and January.

I was promised a better future than my parents' generation:
Weren't You??

I want that better future for your children's lives too; built upon great accomplishments and achievements which ennoble each individual, each self reliant individual, and further ennoble each succeeding generation of Americans
--not some poisonous nanny state which sucks the life from them.

Instead, our leaders are dooming America's children to being slaves to the state.
Slavery in the U.S., brought to you by the Democrats.

Answer: They Are All, Every One, deceitful Liars to Your Faces.

My 13-year-old friend/child Dillon just left here. He came by to pick up (warmer) clothing he left last week, and his slingshot.
Before he left, his eyes met mine. Then with one hand, he reached over and grabbed my hand, and put it on top of his other hand, then squeezed all three hands.
This little man realizes what is going on--

I read it in his sad black eyes.

I WILL NOT TOLERATE this rogue government, led by Controversial, out-of-control leaders who won't listen to the populace, dictate to me or to mine, their limits to my family's freedoms!

How can being forced by law to buy health insurance, under penalty of incarceration, be right?

How can our founding Constitution become such
an irrelevant document to our legislators and our leader?


ABNPOPPA said...

Take a deep breath my young brother. Now let it out slowly. You are right on your assessments just youthfully impatient on the solutions. Your heritage teaches you all things travel in paths that return to their starting point. This to shall pass. Our Constitution grants us many freedoms but our G-d grants us peaceful and eternal life. We only need to believe and keep our faith.

Your young friend is wise before his times he knows you will be there for him as he has faith in you.


Kini said...

There are people that believe terrorists have the same rights and privileges as Americans. We call them liberals.

There are people that believe that you should be cared for by the government. That you are not wise enough to make your own decisions. You shall not want.
We call them progressives.

There are people that will decide your future. How many children you will have. What medical care you will receive. What home you can build. We call them communists.

There are people that hate conservationism. There are people that hate freedom. There are people that will enforce their will upon you, like it or not.
We call them fascists.

Then, there is everyone else.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

This is what happens when our elected officials become corrupted by greed and power. This is what happens when we allow traitors in our midst. This is what happens when one generation of parents after another close their eyes as their children are brainwashed in our public school system. This is what happens when the citizens of the United States become complacent and spineless.

Now, even though many complain about what is happening, all they want to do is run off and hide instead of fighting to save what we have left and restore what we lost.

As much as I like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck, I disagree with them when they say we have to fight this in a peaceful way. I'm sorry, we have run out of peaceful and legal options long ago.

As far as I am concerned, the federal government has declared war on the American people and the Constitution. We no longer have the option of asking nice to have our voice heard, they are not going to listen.

I would like very much to get some help in establishing a community of brave and patriotic Christians who have no qualms about being armed, for the purpose of mutual protection and defense.

My "Choctaw Son" what you see in the eyes of Dillon, I also see in the eyes of my grandchildren and my sons. It brings tears to my eyes and breaks my heart. I just want to hold them close and tell them everything will be ok, but I know it won't unless the American people get a backbone and physically fight the evil that is destroying America. To hell with waiting for the next election. We don't have time, a lot of damage that may become permanent can be done between now and the next election, if there is a next election.

Ron, I want you to do something for me. The next time you see Dillon, I want you to give him a big hug from me and tell him that like you, I care deeply about him. Let him know that if need be, I will go down fighting to my last breath to help save America for him, my grandchildren and all the other children in America.

Spitfire said...

Ron, Your assessments are correct and the things happening are unconstitutional....and just plain wrong. But before you get too upset, remember what Yeshua told us would happen. We're seeing it occur before our very eyes! While it won't be easy here before too long, we also know Papa will protect those of us who love Him and will give us wisdom to be able to overcome in these last days. So don't fret so.

Now, before Abouna thumps my head, don't get me wrong. I also have the ability and the means to protect myself and my family! And you really don't want to be at the open end of my little pistol with me looking down the barrel at you!! But I firmly believe we will be protected....Papa promised it.

Tell Dillon there's a family down Texas way that will help make sure he's safe...and will gladly jump in to help love him! Little Critter would LOVE another brother. (Like 4 aren't enough?!?!)

Be at peace my friend. YHWH is still in control and He knows what's going on. He also knows your heart, dear one....and I"m sure He's proud of you! Shalom, Spitfire

The Local Malcontent said...

Each of you are correct in your assessments of our country's perils, personal and those widespread- and if anything AT ALL, I would correct only one point of yours, Pops:

No. Our Constitution does not 'grant' us any freedoms; It affirms that our freedoms are gifts, granted by God Almighty. The constitution seeks to limit the role of a federal government over the (more important) roles of the individual states.

When Dillon and I were outside saying goodbye to each other, I put my arm around his shoulder, pulling him to me.
I thought he'd hug me too, instead he buried his lowered head into my side. He is afraid- he does realize what's going on.
Just like Leti and me.

Subvet said...

Blame you? No way, we're all in the same boat. IMO our nation will never be the same after these next few years. Best thing to do is hang on as best we can.

They may get a feast out of our asses, let's try our damnedest to get at least a sandwich out of theirs.

sig94 said...

Problem is that not enough people still believe as we do. The liberals have been nibbling at our beloved Constitution for decades. They have been patient and we have been silent.

Not they feel they no longer have to listen.

We can still teach them they are very, very wrong.

I think things will get perhaps very unpleasant.