Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Beginnings

Welcome To My Mind's Playground.
Enjoy your time while you are here.
Why not leave your comments please, if you take the time to wander through and play with me?
Watch out for any rough or sharp edges along the way.

.... this bloggie's header used to say.

I'm pleased to announce the first real change to the Local Malcontent in over three years, the new header above.

Lovingly created by (wait for it ... )

hatless in hattiesburg~!!

I love it! Check out the old western font, and I love the additions of Guy Headnickle™ on the one side and the Oklahoma shield, peacepipe and seven feathers on the other. And the uh, waving wheat (sure smells sweet).

Well, sweet it is, and so is my too-often-quiet, thoughtful friend hatless.

Thank you, sir.

It was about this time last year, when I asked hatless if he could provide some content to my blog, as our wedding day and our honeymoon quickly approached. I recall his initial response was something like "i don't put much content into my own blog, but i will try and come up with something. :-)

His contributions to the LMC can be read here, and here, and here, over a week's time last December. During those busy days of ours, guest LMC posts were also lovingly provided by Abouna and Jungle Mom.
(hummm, that whole bunch together, sounds like a family.... for good reason~!)

However, it's much simpler, far more enjoyable to visit his great blog, hatless in hattiesburg.

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Jeffro said...

I like the new look - it's pretty clean and uncluttered.