Monday, December 7, 2009

Pearl Harbor Sunrise


and Again
and Yet Again, thrice too often,
Let Us Never Forget,

the reason for this solemn December 7th date~

May God Bless and welcome home, those innocent lives who were murdered that Sunday morning, 68 years ago.

Thank you every American, for what you did that day, for what you do today to remember


Jungle Mom said...

Sorry for my long absence, we have been traveling and also experiencing internet problems here which only allows me to connect when it is in the mood and drops off when it tires. Maybe I will be allowed to post this comment...maybe not!

Kini said...

Nice Tribute.

Spitfire said...

Great post LM. Glad you posted it...I wanted to post one, but couldn't get to the computer in time. Little Critter and I said prayers for all the families affected so long ago and still missing loved ones from that day. Shalom my friend.

Jungle Mom said...

are you and Letti ok?

Anonymous said...

Is everything ok with you and yours?

Gayle said...

Thinking of you and hoping all is well.

Anonymous said...

Hope you kids had a merry Christmas and will have a great 2010.

sig94 said...

Mal, I hope everything is going well with you. Have a great New Year.

Subvet said...

MAL, you're missed. Happy New Year.

ABNPOPPA said...


We are looking for you! Please advise if all is well. Prayers for you and your lovely bride.


Anonymous said...

Okay, Mal -- it's now been more than a month. Time to let us know you're okay.

The Local Malcontent said...

OK, OK~!
Time for an "anonymous" update.


Leticia and I spent 20 days, through Christmas Day, at our hideout on Winding Stair Mountain, figuring out what stupendous errors in judgement I'd made, what we need there still, and all.

Our 1st wedding anniversary was on 12/27, a Sunday last month, after which we had a two-week vacation just for ourselves.
We vacationed in another country, a WARMER locale than frigid Oklahoma~- we hoped.
We got back Saturday from a happy vacation, from Lisbon, Portugal (there, only slightly warmer than Yanush or Talihina ....,).

Now, I'd like to thank you all, each and every one for your concerns and your love, with our deepest and sincerest hopes that you will have a better 2010, beyond, than the last years; with emphasis that each of you kind, and highly regarded friends remain blessed by our Creator, and keep His revalations, His rules in your minds~, in your lives.

The Local Malcontent bloggie may fall into disuse, as it becomes more important (to me) to blog on survival techniques and other important matters (to me), on
a new blog dedicated to those things exclusively.

So, in closing here, things with us two, or three with Dillon, are allgood- we pray the very same for each of you~!

With love and warm regards,
Ron, The Local Malcontent~