Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dam These Scottish Generalis

Hello, Readers, I'm Helen Thomas.

I worded for both United Press Intenional (UPI) and the Hearst News Corpse, in a unique and heady position in the White House Press delegation.
I recently lost my job due to some ugly remarks that I made regarding the State of Israel, and my support of the state of Palestine, overheard on a rabbi's cellular telephone.

I was not informed that rabbis could use cell phones, or I'd never have told the truth as I see it regarding Israel that evening. That whole Kosher crap business and all....

So much for introductions. I am so pleased to be working for the Local Male Content blog that my eyes are watering just now.
Also, I am the Washington correspondent for Yuma, Arizona's Fannie Mae Junior High School.

Back during the Truman administration, another of our great nation's Army Generals ran afoul of his Commander in Chief.
Douglas MacArthur did not find favor in the eyes of the Lord, Harry S Truman.

And Lo, he was removed from his high place, which did piss off the American populace;
And thus, Harry S Truman was not re-elected, in 1952, beaten rather by another Army General, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Ah, yes, I remember all these details as if it was yesterday; Dwight's wife, Elenor and her two children, John-John and Ladybird came to me in the night-
- to ask my help in getting out the word to all the good, lefteous Americans to come out and denounce the McCarthy hearings that year.
Then in 1953, Tricky Dick laid the wood to me about Crackers, his dog.

Mmy, it was a heady time, those 1850s.

Generalissimo Pinoche was riding the waves of popularity in Chile, Castro was doing the same in Cuba, and we all thought that that wave of Socialistic popularity could someday sweep north to Canada, and take the United States along with them all.
I performed a lot of oral services to those men, and their causes and what did it get me??

A front row seat, just belt-high and crotch level in the White House Press Room.
Twat more could a media hO ask or want??

alright-- that's all you get from me, for 12 bucks.
ya want more, ya pays my price: pull down yer pants. -- H.T.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Ah, Cute, very Cute. Hey Helen, you is so ugly I wouldn't drop my pants for you even if you closed your eyes.

Col. B. Bunny said...

Very clever.