Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Why, He Wouldn't Even Hurt a Fly...."

I'm reminded today's the 50th anniversary of
Alfred Hitchcock's creepiest masterpiece,
Ironic that today, another psycho-Norman-Bates, Obama, occupies the White House on the hill today.
He wouldn't hurt a fly either; such as typical American, Marion Crane, of Gulf Port, Mississippi.

Que the violins, OK?
On a more personal note,
Leti and I and our adopted son, Dillon are preparing for my very first Father's Day as a dad this Sunday--
so you can perhaps imagine what has caused, and WHY, me to have been away from the Internet and blogging for some seven months' time. ((matters of the heart, Abouna))
We will be taking a vacation to Dallas next month, to watch the Rangers play a weekend series, and then,
Thank you all, for your very kind understanding, and your patience~!


Jeffro said...

Alive and kicking!

Yay! - and have yourselves a time.

Spitfire said...

Well, congratulations Sweetheart! What wonderful news. We adopted Little Critter and have been so blessed having him in our lives!!!! And I know Dillon is thrilled. I'm sorry things with his family couldn't be worked out, but thrilled to death for the three of you!!!! I pray this Father's Day will only be the first of many, each better than the year before. And now the adventure's a roller coaster at times, but OH, SSSSOOO worth it. Enjoy it. Hugs to Leti and Dillon.....and Mozel Tov from Texas! Shalom.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

As I said in my email to you, God Bless you all, you are all in my prayers.

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