Saturday, July 24, 2010

Eleven PerCent?!
Unsurprising Rating for This Congress

The good people at Gallup have surveyed the American people again, and come out with this summer's annual Job Approval Ratings.
Called the "Confidence in Institutions", the poll was taken July 8 - 11, 2010.

The U.S. Congress was found to rate dead last, at 11%, of the sixteen institutions ranked.

The U.S. military was ranked #1. Again, unsurprisingly.

What the Gallup poll does not include is every bit as indicative of the American mood,
as those which it does. But your Local Malcontent has found the unabridged polling numbers, and feels duty bound to report them here. Again, unsurprisingly.

For example, the medical field was found to be confident by 40% of Americans.
*That is tied, with 40% confident in Lucifer's performance.
*Likewise, the American public is 29% confident that the Rolling Stones will begin another, final farewell tour soon.
*Also interesting is the 26% who have confidence in the supremacy of VHS video players.
*14% of those polled felt confident that their childhood pet died, instead of having run away, as their mommies told them....
*Curious, that 31% polled believed that Martians have abducted them in the past six months.

CONGRESS: 11% confidence, and dropping like a rock.

Your Local Malcontent has some ideas on specific ways in which Congress could raise its level of confidence--
I'll list them here Tuesday.

*(PS-- Miss Me Yet??)


Kini said...

Can Hardly Wait!

The Road to November will be interesting.

BobG said...

I'm surprised Congress is getting 11%.

"There is something about a Republican that you can only stand him just so long; and on the other hand, there is something about a Democrat that you can't stand him quite that long."
- Will Rogers

Spitfire said...

Waiting with bated breath for your ideas on how Congress can improve it's any of them have anything to do with having real jobs that they return to after a limited term in office? Or having to live under the same laws they enact for everyone else???? Glad to see your posting again. Hugs to Leticia and Dillon. Oh, and they'll have to hug you for us. Shalom from Texas.