Friday, July 23, 2010


Playing 'Hooky' today.
One of my family is hard at work, one of my family is hard at play at the local swimming pool, and me, I'm loafing at the library, hangin' out at the Local Malcontent bloggie.
Well, it's been too long....
I don't really know what's going on in America today, I no longer keep up with the daily, terrible news coming out of Washington, D.C., except what I manage to hear over the radio~
and that's really bad enough to keep me away. (on the other hand, my ulcers are better....)

What has happened to our nation?
I stay bewildered at the unrelenting, daily swirl of bad news, at the perilous direction that America is headed, under the poor "leadership" of Congressional Democrats and also of controversial leader, Barry Huss Obama.

But there are some things that have crossed my mind in the past two-three days which lured me away from Dill's treat at the Talihina swimming pool this afternoon:

1) Why are many cities, groups and even a United state or two boycotting Arizona, and supporting a Department of Justice lawsuit against that soverign state, over their legitimate illegal immigration law (which reflects precisely the U.S. law),
and not boycotting Oakland, California for that city's decision to essentially ignore a court finding in the trial of a Transit police officer, accused of shooting a man in Oakland's subway?

2) I must be a racist; the NAACP says I/we all are, after all.
Why? Since I do not support the sweeping Health care bill.
I can see that logic, can't you, you ugly racist, you?

All my life, I've been Red, in "a White nation", and my subconscious
choices point to that fact, too.
My high school's colors were red/white.
My beloved Oklahoma Sooners? Red/White.
My beloved St. Louis Cardinals also, Red/White.
My beloved Miami Dolphins, not Red/White;
but, that's just my subconscious' way of feeling vast, generational guilt,
but of course, they are from the South, so that too, proves without a doubt that I'm racist.

3) I've long observed that in the English language, there are TWO certain adjectives, which most usually ONLY modify ONE single noun.
One is the adjective "inclement".
That word is most used to describe "Weather".
The other adjective is "blithering". Used most to describe>>>>>
This leading idiot said yesterday, that the Bush taxcuts "were only for the richest Americans", and "never even created one job....", and should not be continued.
Yet the blithering California Congresswoman later said that renewing the unemployment payments for another 99 weeks, "makes sense, because it causes people who need the money to spend, and that spurs the American economy and creates jobs...."
In case you are not sure, that singular noun is "IDIOT".


Jeffro said...

Give yourself some time. There's plenty of things that can cross your mind out there. If your ulcers can stand it....

Spitfire said...

There's lots of stuff out there that doesn't make sense....but then again, we've gotten SO far away from the teachings of our Founding Fathers. Both your 'red' fathers, and my 'Israeli' fathers....not to mention the Founding Fathers of this country!!!!!!

When we were growing up, we were taught 'the old ways'. Things like manners, respect for self and others and other's things. Honor, duty, patriotism....history. And Torah (Bible) of some kind. Your's may have been somewhat different, but the ways of your forefathers. That hasn't been taught in many years....and now we're reaping what we've sown.

Some things should never have been free handouts, judging on the basis of skin color, belief system or religion. But in throwing out the bad, it appears we've thrown out the baby with the bath water. Will it get better? Possibly....but doubtful. Will we survive this? same answer. But if you hold to your faith, LM, He who loves you so dearly, will never let you go. And as you teach Dillon the 'old ways' your life and his WILL be better. Love hearing from you Sweetie. Texas hugs to all three of you. Shabbat Shalom, Spitfire

The Local Malcontent said...

Heyyah, both of you, Spitfire and Jeffro~! Boy, I do miss reading you (all) more regularly.
*soon to change*

I remain confident that America will veer back away from the abyss at which she finds herself just now; but the damage has been done already, and may be really difficult to undo.
Spirfire, you are such an inspiration- Shalom shabbat~!