Friday, July 8, 2011

Bargain Day
Buy One, Get Three Free

I am torn between four possible blogpost topics today:

1) Why Democrats should be tarred and feathered

( complete with easy instructions! );

2) An example of a Darwin Award winner and expound on the soundness/beauty of "Survival of the Fittest";

3) Just a photo of the most hated person in the United States;

or 4) What the Malcontent family is doing these days.


So there was this dum guy, see, who didn't have any airconditioning in his house, and rather than broil and sweat another night, decided to mount his push lawnmower above his bed, as a ceiling fan....

Well, our Dem, uh, dumb friend thought he was Mr. Know it All, using bread-bag twist ties, four 6-penny nails and a hammer, to fasten the four wheels to the ceiling, but being ever-so-smart to remember to leave enough leeway space above the mower for him to pull the start cord before his repose.

Imagine the scene, if you will: A Lawnboy 4-hp., 21-inch mounted above our hero's bed.

Imagine the bloody scene the next morning when the authorities found him there, and there, and some over there, and even some of him in the hallway.

I am friends with a half-Cherokee, half-Creek man who hates politicians. And now I understand his reasoning. I waste valuable mental time imagining them drowning.

Dillon has his first job ever, working at the Veterans' Ad. fireworks stand in Talihina. His boss is also his Boy Scout troop (#469) leader. Our garden of toasted vegetables has been reported by the local grasshoppers to have been delicious.

Leticia and I are well, as happy and as in love as ever, and being parents now to Dill is icing on the cake.

*Now here's a picture of controversial leader, Barry Huss Obama.


Anonymous said...

Drowning's too good for 'em.

Jeffro said...

Was dum guy deaf?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Now that was a posting! I really loved the first one, and I enjoyed the second posting. Glad to hear that Dillon is doing well. Have you found that being an adoptive parent can be just as rewarding as being a biological parent?

How about you my Choctaw son, how are you holding up? Give my best and blessings to Leticia, Dillon, and you have them also.


Just thought I would let you know, I may be losing "Munchkin" soon. She developed cancer from the food poisoning she had a couple of years ago. The cancer is in her bones and intestines. She can't walk more then three or four steps and is many other problems, but she still wants to be wherever I am, so I have to carry her.

Also, I lost my mother a year ago, at the age of 93, after she suffered a massive stroke.

Well take care and know that my prayers are with you.

Kini said...

I'm not sure if I understand your post :(

Rev. Gregori, my regards and sympathies regarding your Mom.

I hope the heat breaks for you soon.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Kini, thank you my friend. Hope all is well with you.

The Local Malcontent said...

Abouna, I was still around last year when your dear mother passed, but am still saddened by the fact, and supportive of your grieving, dear friend;
Munchkin is like my adoptive pet, so that news saddens me too; our pastor, Rev. Wicker, is positive that heaven is there and wide open for our loving four-legged familiy members, and I for one, can't wait to hold Munchkin there.

The Local Malcontent said...

Kini, the secret to understanding this post lies in the first line of the bloggie: "... my minds' playground... "
Make more sense now? Plus, in a certain way, the four ARE interrelated~