Wednesday, April 25, 2012

'If I wanted America to fail'

'If I wanted America to fail' | MICHAEL BERRY: MICHAEL BERRY's blog postings.

How are things with ya'll?


Jeffro said...

I'm fine - how are you???? Plus, your sbcglobal email address has been hacked - I've been getting spam from "you."

The Local Malcontent said...

We are all well, Jeffro, getting ready for summer baseball season.

Yeah, that one email addy has been hacked, and it sure has caused some embarrassment and headaches both. If you haven't already, tag everything as spam from "me, there".
I learned first about that from the Choctaw Nation's asst. Chief, who's a friend and neighbor...
I'll send you a more secure, better-watched address, Jeffro.

How's the farm? Retired yet?

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Hey my Choctaw "Son" how is it going? Well, latest up date on the work going on at my complex is not looking good. Last week, the crew installing the new siding walked off the job, (not a strike, they just quit)leaving over half of the complex unfinished as far as the siding goes. They had a dispute with the construction manager over the way he has been scheduling the various jobs. The roofers, siding installers, window and door installers, tub and shower installers, masons and concrete workers, new boiler installers, and now the cabinet and counter installers are all tripping over each other.

I was supposed to get my new kitchen counters and cupboards, along with my new bathroom vanity, installed some time ago. NO SUCH LUCK! All of my small kitchen appliances, pots and pans, dishes, etc., along with all of the stuff from my bathroom are still piled up in my living room, making the living room and dining area unusable, and from what I heard yesterday, it won't be until either late October or the middle of November before the cabinet installers get to my block to start installing, which means I may not get mine until sometime in the middle of December. Oh well!

Any way, just like Jeffro, I have also been getting bogus emails claiming to be from you. As a matter of fact, I just got one last week.

Have you ever tried using PC Matic on your computer, it might prevent the hacking in the future. I use it on mine and haven't had any problems since installing it over a year ago.

How are the wife and son? please give them my best. God Bless.