Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It Is Our Nature, Afterall

Man, you wouldn't believe the pressure on me to restart this blog.  And as it turns out, I have some unexpected, 'extra time' on my hands for the next two months, through November.... 

The nature of the pressure comes from Indian sources here in Oklahoma; many of us realize the threat that yet another miserable Obama term would do to this amazing country, is frankly, 
The nature of the talk in this little corner of Indian country is angry and readers of this bloggie may remember me saying in the recent past of feeling "militant".
That is the nature of the passion of the talk.

So let's talk a moment about our collective nature, Americans.
Our nature is liberty and freedom, not tyranny from, and not subjugation to an oversized, feckless government with a socialist at its top.

Indians know nothing other than an innate freedom of our spirits, whether we live on the rez' or not, there is a flame in our souls, a need to live free, and at one time in the USA, there was freedom.
Not so anymore.

The nature of the persuasion my friends use as pressure on me is to speak, or squeak to other Indians, to brothers and sisters in other tribes and other states, of the importance in straightening out this nation of ours, and the mess that it is in.

So let's do some more talkin'.   Whatchasay? 


Most Rev. Gregori said...

It is too bad that not all Americans are Indians (I prefer "Native Americans), because it appears that the majority of Americans, today, have lost the will to stand up and fight to save our Constitutional Republic. Oh they are brave enough to enlist in the military and go overseas to fight, but when it comes to standing up to our now totally corrupt government, they just don't have the will.

The Local Malcontent said...

I fear that If Barack Obama is reelected, there will be much fighting within these American borders, with Native Americans, and other country-loving patriots alongside, being termed 'terrorists', and being imprisoned for fighting for our intrinsic freedom.
I pray that Mr. Romney wins, fervently, often.

And how odd:: I can think of no other time, and no other topic, upon which you Abouna and I have ever disagreed.
I prefer "Indian", or "Choctaw" even, over Native American.
I see it as yet another way Liberals craft divisions for us Americans, with a label.
Latin Americans, Black Americans, Irish Americans, Native Americans, Cuban Americans, Anal-retentive Americans....
That's the Liberal way, and they all can go screw themselves.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

The reason I prefer Native American is simply because when Columbus first arrived, he mistakenly thought he was in the East Indies, thus labeled the indigenous population "Indians". I understand and fully appreciate your point of view, because it is true, liberals seem to have a passion for labeling and pigeon-holing people, all for their own nefarious purposes.