Saturday, September 29, 2012


(inspired to post this song, this post 
by Jeffro's post at The Poor Farm)

Are you watching "Breaking Bad", too? My family is absolutely hooked on this twisted drama on AMC. The show's not close to being done, being scheduled for a five-six year run, but we bought the first 4 seasons on DVD to satisfy our addiction.
It is just like a drug. The writing is superb, Bryan Cranston is awesome, and the supporting cast is great. 

Violent, grubby, intense and sensual in a warm, homespun way.
Sunday night, 10pm Eastern time, AMC; you know where to find me, getting my fix.  The video is "Negro y Azul,  The Ballad of Heisenberg", by Los Cuartes de Sinaloa.


Mike said...

I started watching it at the first, then it got uncomfortable for me, dunno why. I started watching it again at the first of this season and now want to catch the ones I missed.

I was just discussing the series on Facebook an hour ago, actually. I might be mistaken, but I believe there's only six episodes left, coming on this next summer.

Hope you've been well, and was wondering where you'd been. I kept up the subscription in my reader and was pleased to see four/five posts hit this past week or so.

The Local Malcontent said...

Thanks, Mike, it is sure good to hear from you again, too, friend. How have you been?
Jeffro left a comment last night on another post here, telling me that his house burned to the ground this last June 26, so I got up this a.m. to look through The Poor Farm blog for photos, and saw his post on "Hell on Wheels".

You didn't have any such trouble this summer with the grassfires, heat, drought didya?
I'll visit the Top of Texas blog real soon~!

Jeffro said...

I missed out on the first couple seasons of Mad Men and have never gotten around to watching - someday or another I'll have to rent the first season and go from there. I was the same way with Firefly but finally got to see all those episodes plus the movie Serenity. Also greatly recommended if you like your scifi with a libertarian bent.