Sunday, October 7, 2012

Keeping Up Illusions

Many of us have long recognized the indisputable signs of a lazy man who has never been challenged, and who thinks he walks on water. A man who has been blessed with all the breaks, and yet who thinks of himself as the member of a victim class, and its natural champion. A man whose success is all based on creating the appearance of competence, never its substance.

Obama's poor debate performance may have shattered some illusions among his supporters in the liberal media elite. Having invested themselves in the illusion of him as the fulfillment of the liberal dream of shattering glass ceilings and pernicious racial stereotypes, his evident lack of preparation felt like a betrayal to some. They are starting to catch on that they bought into an illusion.  So they are turning on him.
Witness the shocking empty chair cover on the New Yorker, edited by Obama  hagiographer David Remnick.

Tonight, instead of prepping for his next debate with Governor Romney, Teh One is in Hollywood panhandling, and no doubt answering some embarrassing questions from his party's core.  Panic has probably set in, in both Washington and Hollywood since Obama's poor showing and ignorance of the facts in the debate this past Wednesday in Denver.  
I can imagine an even more skeptical audience in place for debate number two, in Kentucky:  A state where the controversial leader hasn't made a stop in over four years, and is as conservative as Texas, the Dakotas or Oklahoma.

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