Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pictures From An Exhibition

Controversial leader Obama came out 'loaded for bear' in tonight's second, town hall style Presidential debate.

His opponent, Governor Mitt Romney was more than ready for the barrage of  half-truths and mis-characterizations which Obama used in describing both his failure over the past four years, as well as Gov. Romney's proposals to right the American ship in the next four.

With little else to truthfully boast about, Mr. Obama told
the national audience that he has two daughters.

There was agreement between the two on only one issue:  The Idiot Biden.

By the end of the evening's debacle, er,
I mean debate, it became
abundantly clear who the winner was, on issues of the proper direction of the
United States, her economy, job creation, our reputation in the world.

In less than THREE WEEKS,
We the People have the chance to
correct a bad situation, and make Barack Obama just a fuzzy memory,
by electing Mitt Romney.


ABNPOPPA said...


Thanks for stopping by Conservative Outrage and the comments.It was the first Queen Elizabeth! LOL

Told you I was going to steal your pik.

You say so much in so little words. I refer to the term debacle vs debate. With an in the Dems pocket moderator it was truly a debacle. Well said my friend.


Leticia said...

It was two against one! And yet, in my opinion, Romney still came out a winner.

Because the facts backed him up, even though the biased moderator was protecting and defending his highness.

Mike said...

I knew who won the debate the day before; the media told me.

What is wrong w/ the Republicans for allowing these moderators?