Friday, October 19, 2012

Shocking, Sad News

Big Tex, the greeter at the Texas State Fair in Dallas, is gone today.

With all the hoopla I wrote last weekend about 
the OU/Texas Red River Rivalry, 
played just behind this guy each October, 
my heart is grieving for Dallas and Texas' 
splendid State Fair.

I attended only about 15 OU/Texas games, both as a kid and as a member of the Pride of Oklahoma band, and always, Big Tex made me smile.  I always knew where the car or the buses were parked by searching out Big Tex' Big Head.
He stood tall, just like the great state of Texas does, I sure hope he's healed up by next October.  
Today, the eyes of Texas are shedding a tear.  Same on this bank of the Red River, too.

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