Monday, October 8, 2012

The Deeper Meaning of Columbus' Day

here's to "new discoveries" , the importance of Columbus. 



The Local Malcontent said...

so here were some peaceful Indians, just sitting on their own rock between two bodies of water, just kinda living easy and playing their own tune in the sunshine.
Till one day,

ndnredrockstar said...

thank you for putting my video on your blog. Hope you like it and will look at others on youtube.

Leticia said...

Absolutely beautiful music and the atmosphere.

Thank you for sharing, Mal.

The Local Malcontent said...

Heyyah, you two-
No,thank you, please keep coming by.
NDN, do we know each other?

Leticia, what a beautiful name~!
I've always thought so, but especially since that's my wife's name too. heh

Oh, I'd like to see Columbus day become a holiday which is observed every four years or so.
How about once every four years we also celebrate Crazy Horse Day, Lucille Ball Day, and/or Abner Doubleday Day?
See what I mean?? Like stamps, choose a great American to honor every year, non-partisan-ly.

It's not a bad idea

ABNPOPPA said...


Very cool video. Just mellowing out by the creek makes me wish I could play like that.

I believe that Leticia is a follower of the Msg. Gregori. If I remember correctly I thought she was your wife when she left a comment on his blog a couple years ago.

And a mighty thanks to you for stopping by and commenting at Conservative Outrage, the blog.

Did you see where Ohio, my state is now back in the running for Mitt. I'm going to a rally Friday night to see him. Hope to write about it afterwards.

Until then God Bless and Peace to my brother in Christ.

Pops @ Conservative Outrage