Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Local Goon

INDORE, INDIA: RSS activists ransacked the Indore BJP office and burnt the effigy of chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan late on Tuesday night after the government failed to re-instate a police officer probing a local malcontent who complained to cops that an RSS worker shot at him during a religious rally.  Well hell yeah, I complained, I told  him 
"Don't probe me, bro, don't probe me!
--And I wouldn't smoke the chief- we're on great terms lately."

Two weeks ago, Manoj Parmar, a local goon, who claims to be a BJP leader and against whom several criminal cases are pending, alleged that he was shot at while he was participating in a religious rally. Parmar filed a complaint following which an FIR was registered against an RSS functionary, Gopal Goyal, and a BJP MLA from Indore, Sudarshan Gupta.  
This was only a misunderstanding, over a Goyal, I pleaded.  
Oh,wait. So now I'm a goon too? First you shoot at me in church, 
then you probe me, then--

This enraged a section of RSS leaders, who alleged Parmar had filed a false complaint at the behest of another BJP leader, who is a state minister, and demanded an inquiry, which was entrusted to ASP Rakesh Singh. But the officer was transferred in the middle of the probe and Indore RSS smelled a rat.  I do not smell like a rat.  Here, smell me.  A goat, maybe, but no rat.  You probably smell the Chief, he's smoldering.

"Police should get fearless atmosphere to work; 
only then they can take action against goons," said Goyal.

It is never a good idea to argue with a goyal, fellas. Remember Rule #1.  
Learn from the mistakes of your Local Goon.


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The Local Malcontent said...

thanks for stopping by 'tabaco123' and 'Maylene'.
Your comments are quite inciteful, the same way teets on a boar hog are...
Inciteful toan angry male,that is!
go away, bots.