Friday, October 26, 2012

What's In Your Ivy?

Combining three (3) blogpost types in one (1):

(1) It is always in October that I put up my annual World Series post, and this year, while the boy and I are disappointed that neither the St. Louis Cardinals nor the Texas Rangers made it to the big spotlight this season, I must comment on the Championship Series.

Besides that disappointment, I must add that I really, really dislike the San Francisco Giants.
This dislike stems from their locale, mostly; I really, really dislike San Francisco, California.  The Giants were the first team that I saw play in person, against the Pittsburgh Pirates years ago in Pittsburgh.  I always root for the Dodgers in their rivalry.  And did I say that I dislike the city because of their Liberal, homosexual-driven politics?  Ok, then.

Son Dillon and I are pulling for the Detroit Tigers, 
along with Barry Obama, I am told.
We are pulling for the Tigers because of Triple Crown winner, slugger Miguel Cabrera.
(2) Obama's reason for rooting for the Tigers however, is because Obama is panic-pandering, 
needing Michigan votes, having California sewn up tight.
Obama wouldn't know the difference between the Detroit Tigers and the Missouri Tigers if his political life depended on it. 
This too, kinda displeases me.

What doesn't displease me?  Hahaha, ask that again in about 12 days, after November 6th.
and hopefully, it will only be a World Series loss, and not a Mitt Romney loss. 

But this terrific commercial, featuring Chicago Cubs great Andre Dawson, makes it all worthwhile.
I cannot ever look at a French horn again, without thinking about Dawson.  The thing which makes the commercial special is it's surprise ending:  Finding Dawson after all those years, lost in Wrigley's ivy.  
(3) Thus, with pleasure, I present "Now a word from our sponsor" post::

"I caught it~!"   NOW THAT'S FUNNY 

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