Tuesday, November 13, 2012

This Way Out

If you live in one of 43 States where a petition to secede from the United States of America has been submitted here, you may be wondering how conceivable the idea really is.  I do, and I am wondering.

Short answer, not very likely.  Like  1%.   But, what if one state, let's call it Texas, does secede from the Union, who would follow?  

Oklahoma sure might, and if we Okies do, count on Arkansas to jump as well, for otherwise they have no basis for using that most annoying word, "Arklahoma" to describe this otherwise dismal area around the city of Ft. Smith.

So now there's three states inside the Republic of Texas.  Count on Louisiana to feel left out, bless those Cajuns, so they will want in too.  Besides, we need a New Orleans to be our big tourist attraction in the new nation.
Well, if those four states form a new Republic based on the old U.S. Constitution, bet the farm on Kansas wanting in, except we make the Westboro Baptist Church folks move to Iowa, or face a good ole Kansan hanging.
Add in all the Southern states, because the South Will Rise again, and the total is 13.

Thirteen?!?  Imagine that.  We won't have to change a few of the symbols on the new currency that way.

Currency.  Debt.  Can the new Republic of Texas be liable for the debt of the United States, led by Washington, D.C.?  If we don't want to pay, then we won't.  We don't have any diplomatic ties to China, yet.

Ever hear of a game called "Texas Hold-em", comrade??

Wishful thinking, all this secession talk. For better or for worse, we will stay united together with Hawai'i and Vermont, Massachusetts and Iowa.  

What we ought to do, is kick Ohio out for what they did last Tuesday.


Mike said...

Chances of Texas seceding? Like you say, slim to none, but to rebut those who said the Republic of Texas couldn't survive w/out the rest of the states, I did some research and found it might very well be that the rest of the U.S. couldn't do w/out Texas.

I won't go into all the numbers I gathered, but the starting point was how much of the Federal dollar sent to D.C. was returned to the states. Texas gets back something like .93 cents for each dollar we send. I forget what OK's number was, but I think it was similar.

After that, it got very complicated, trying to find out what percent of money was sent back in SS and Medicaid and those things that really shouldn't be factored in. I wanted to do that in order to counter the "blue states pay for red states" meme that's been going around even before all this secession talk. Like I said, it got very involved, what w/ all the federal dollars.

The gist of the matter was that we could survive quite well w/out federal largess and would do better than we are now.

I would love for Texas to form a new union w/ some of the surrounding states; I wouldn't care what we called the new country, (one wag suggested Kansas/Oklahoma/Texas could be named "Kotex") but whatever it was called, it would be more powerful than many would think.

Just think of it: N. Mexico prob. wouldn't join in (it's a blue state, after all) but OK, TX, Kansas and Louisiana would be a N. American "OPEC" for all intents and purposes.

I've also pointed out that this secession talk is nothing new. It began in the mid 1800's, of course, but I've heard it bandied around since I can remember. The Republic of Texas movement began in the mid 90's, after the Clinton/Reno attack at Waco.

The Facebook post had several thousand comments under it and another Amarillo TV station's page decided they wanted the attention too and started their own.

The Local Malcontent said...

Well done, Mike! I appreciate the numbers- don't you know these numbers, and the oil/gas under our states make politicians sleepless in Washington?

KOTEX, though.... hmmm.

Leticia said...

Arkansas has joined the ranks.

The Local Malcontent said...

yes, this I know, for the website tells me so- heh, a little Christian humor there-
That home-made, custom map on my post shows the seven (7) states which had not had petitions issued for them, as of 11:30 last night;
Only Washington, Iowa, Hawai'i, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maryland and Connecticut are left of the old United States.

Makes one wonder, doesn't it, if there are this many unhappy people Did All of them vote last Tuesday?

But as Mike points out above, the economic entanglements prevent a dissolution of the Union mostly.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

The problem is, all those states that want to secede, have gone about it all wrong. You don't send a petition to the feds asking permission (Uncle Sam, may I), you just do it.

Pardon me if I am wrong, but back in the day when a public school education was worth something, I was taught the the United States was a "voluntary union of the several states". Well, if one volunteered to join, then by golly, one can volunteer to unjoin, especially when our entire federal government has become so corrupt that every member of that government has to climb a 12 ft. ladder just to kiss a snakes butt.

The Local Malcontent said...

Exactly, Abouna; the idea that one can submit a petition, have the required number of signatories, and on time, to the White House??
Give me a Break.

Like the hiker asking the hungry grizzly bear standing close nearby, "Will you give me a half-mile head start running away"?
And Obama is well known for punishing those who show him up or make him look like an imbecile.

Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

1) i'd think these petitions are just a "shot across the bow", not that we expect the beltway bunch to pay any attention.

2) i was thinking about a new north american map, and it's not just red-blue. (i started writing a description here but will post on my blog later...)

3) your last comment had a typo. "Obama is well known for punishing those who show him up or make him look like an imbecile" should read "Obama is well known for punishing those who *realize he is* an imbecile." ;)