Saturday, April 13, 2013

GOOGLE Forces Malcontent's Return

And here I was thinking that through "The Local Malcontent", I was gonna live forever in Cyberspace.
Forever telling new generations about such things as Leti's and my courtship and marriage, Shrillary's (First?) run for the Presidency, illegal immigrants and mockingbirds in the yard.
And don't forget the post about the lesbian ants, either.

WRONG.  Again.

Thanks to the annoucement this week that Google will delete a person's accounts after an extended period of inactivity, your Local Malcontent is back, at least long enough to tidy up around here.

Lovingly lifted from Google Accounts, this:

Plan your digital afterlife with Inactive Account Manager

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Not many of us like thinking about death — especially our own. But making plans for what happens after you’re gone is really important for the people you leave behind. So today, we’re launching a new feature that makes it easy to tell Google what you want done with your digital assets when you die or can no longer use your account.

The feature is called Inactive Account Manager — not a great name, we know — and you’ll find it on your Google Account settings page. You can tell us what to do with your Gmail messages and data from several other Google services if your account becomes inactive for any reason.  For example, you can choose to have your data deleted — after three, six, nine or 12 months of inactivity. 

  OR, they will simply dump you into the cybergrave if they don't hear from you or me.

  I always assumed that my eternal,digital afterlife would be spent 
  in the presence of my cyberCreator, George Burns, didn't you?
  Apparently not so.  

The family and I are doing just fine here in Yanush, America.  We had planned on tilling the garden again today, before planting seedlings, instead we are doing that tomorrow.  The fishing has been too good~  Dillon, his friend Kenton and I together caught 34 keepers this morning in Sardis.  
My health is good, as far as I know; I feel great at 190 pounds.  I go back to see Dr. Gast on May 1st, to determine whether any more treatment is needed for prostate cancer, following another bone scan and MRI.
That could be either hormone therapy or prostatectomy.  I can't imagine there being any prostate left, other than a little dinky, shriveled blob in there....
And I'm back at work.  Haven't missed a day since returning in December, however there were some early periods of extreme fatigue, and a "Al Roker surprise" moment or two.

See ya next time, or when/if our Nobel Peace Prize winning president decides to go to another war with North Korea this time~!  Love Ya~!


Jeffro said...

It's - ALIVE!!!!!

The Local Malcontent said...

Yes, it is alive.
And with proper planning,
It will live forever.

Heyyah, Jeffro~!

Jeffro said...

Hey, ol' buddy! I was extremely glad to see you post again, so naturally my first response was to give you a load of crap!

Mike said...

I'm glad I didn't delete the site feed from my reader. I subscribed to the other blog, too.