Sunday, April 14, 2013

I Got A Good Wife


She keeps me centered on what's truly important:  Family.
She makes me laugh so much.
She is gorgeous without makeup or without fashion. (she always smells soooo good)

Just the thought of her barefoot, makes me
push that accelerator deeper, coming home.

She pushes my dreams, not my buttons.
She likes brushing my hair too.  ( ~! )
She loves God and loves her country.  ( ~! )

Barely five feet in height, nevertheless
she is the biggest part of my life.

She is both deadly demure and harsh when needed.
She is undemanding and understanding.
She is your Local Content to my Malcontent.

Have I ever told you about her pecan pies?
They're better than winning a giant lottery prize.

She gives me a family with her wisdom, through her heart.
She promises a lifetime together, without emphasis on the time part.
She watches out for my many screwups.

I find her overall, indescribable
despite my bloated, foolish skills here.

You've wonderfully slowed down time,
so that I love being with you every moment
of every moment of every moment we share.

Leticia Marie Hunter Malcontent,
what/where would your boys be without you?

You Are God's second greatest gift ever, and I love You more each day.


Mike said...

I'm not an overly-emotional person; I've seen things that upset other people and not batted an eye. OTOH, it's not particularly sad things that make me tear up, but happy ones. I get a tear in my eye at the end of "Rudy", for example.

No, sad stories don't really upset me. I wanted to bawl at my parent's funerals, but didn't...not because I was sad at their deaths - I was - but because I felt sorry for myself. Instead, it's the happy stories that make me want to shed a tear, esp. stories such as this, one full of love.

Maybe I get emotional b/c I never have got to experience that kind of love and maybe it's not being happy for you, but sad for myself. Selfish, I guess.'re a lucky man, but I'm also thinkin' Mrs. Mal is just as lucky having someone like you love her.

The Local Malcontent said...

That's such a nice thing to say
and I am the luckiest guy in the world, to be sure.

Mike said...

"Your" Leticia isn't the same one at the Trek site, is she?