Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nittak Na Yukpa, Ya Miko Greg Pyle!

Thursday, April 25 is a real holiday for Oklahoma Choctaws,
for it is the birthday of our great chief, Gregory E. Pyle.

This is not a suck-up or a kiss butt blogpost; instead, it is a genuine tribute to a great leader, something too sorely 
lacking in the rest of America today.

Under the guidance of Chief Pyle, our Choctaw Nation has become THE model for other tribes to imitate, both within and outside Oklahoma's borders.  It was not so long ago, that I called out Chief Pyle, to help with chronic unemployment here in Southeast Oklahoma, the 10½ counties which is our home.

The Choctaw Tribe went to work, expanding the casinos, opening hotels, RV parks, opening more clinics, and manufacturing.  Likewise, the Nation has taken an aggressive, positive stance on protecting our precious natural resources 'round here, like Lake Sardis, my backyard.

You Said It last September in the State of the Nation speech:
"Our tribal vision is ‘to achieve healthy, successful, productive and self-sufficient lifestyles for a proud nation of Choctaws.’ This continues to be our goal – to better serve you … the Choctaw people. Our continued economic development will create more jobs, more revenue and ultimately more services for our tribal members. Road projects will improve access to health care, schools and jobs. I want all of our families to achieve our vision of healthy, successful and self-sufficient Choctaws."

"Growing With Pride, Hope and Success" is our unofficial motto;
thanks to you sir, it's happening.

Why don't you remain Chief for the rest of your life?
Sounds like a good idea to me, and to others too~!

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Jeffro said...

Well, Happy Birthday to your Chief!