Saturday, April 20, 2013

"Texas" By Chris Rea

So why have I never heard this song before?  It's by Chris Rea, a British rhythm and blues singer, and this song is from 1983, fer goodness sake.  That's like 30 years ago, dude. (in fact, exactly 30)

"Texas" is like a warm breeze after a cold night.  Welcome.  Both the song and the video here seem to invite people fed up with the crapholes where they presently live, and "go to Texas".

While Chris Rea isn't a Texan, that's the very attitude that true Texans hold:  
"Ya'll come on in, supper will be ready in 'bout an hour, would you like a tour of the place?"

I've said it before, second only to other Oklahomans, I love Texans best.  Perhaps it has to do with having friends from Houston to Pampa and from Texarkana to Presidio, and most points inbetween, 
or it has to do with the always (mostly (occasionally)) friendly rivalry between UT and OU-- (the only week that I will "dis" Texas) Texans are sure nice to have around, as neighbors and as friends.

Enjoy this video, and consider moving to friendly Texas, if you are in some Liberal hellhole like Illinoids or Wisn'tconsin.  Only, leave the liberal mindset there when you come.  Sound advice~!

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