Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bored? Black? Kill Someone Then

The Gangland Cure for Boredom For three Oklahoma male thugs, the cure for summertime boredom is murder. Not fishing, not cruising for girls, not ever trying to find a job...~ but murdering another man "just to watch him die". For Christopher Lane, the Australian youth hoping to make a career for himself in America's game of baseball, the end came all too soon. It is a horrible crime, made all the more horrible because of Trayvon Martin's death, and the revenge thereby prescribed by the radical Blacks, led by the New Black Panthers Party, and Louis Wolcott aka Farrakhan, leader of the misnamed "Nation of Islam". The Nation of Islam and the Panthers issued a reward for anyone to kill George Zimmerman, the man tried and acquitted in the death of Trayvon Martin in February, 2012. Again now, there's innocent blood on the hands of Louis Wolcott, that bastard son of a 1934 whore from The Bronx. Your mommy was a slut Louis, get used to it dude. Christopher Lane from Melbourne, Australia was a bright, hopeful light in college baseball. He was a star in Melbourne, and a notable player on the East Central Oklahoma Tigers. A catcher for the team, Lane stood out for his toughness and skill at that position, the most difficult on a baseball nine. "A former student and classmate at East Central University where Lane was studying described him as "a charming guy, genuinely good person, with great character and had a love for life." "As cliched as it sounds, Chris was the kind of guy you want your sons to grow up to be and that you want your daughters to marry. It just breaks my heart knowing how much more he could have brought to this world as a husband, father, son, brother and friend," Sam Malchar said." Controversial leader Barack Obama has not yet chosen which accused murderer would have been his son, or in fact himself- 35 years earlier-, if he had the gonads to produce a son. It remains to be seen if the unpopular U.S. leader will offer comment on this tragedy between his vacations.


Leticia said...

And I'm sure you heard what that moron, Jesse Jackson, said that it should be "frowned upon" or something to that effect. SOB! Not that it was wrong, or racist, etc. Ughh...

A good kid was brutally murdered and that's all he had to say? And the media and Obama stay silent.

This ticks me off!! Blacks get to kill people and seem to get away with it, because they are Black?? What the hell?!

Rita Loca said...

How are you and yours, friend?