Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Yeah, we're screwed. This moron is pleased to bring to the world, World War III. 
Like his idiological idols, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt, this P.D. 
wants to set the planet afire.
(What is "P.D."??  the P stands for 'pencil', alright?)

My son is only 15 years old. But I and his mother have to think of him as 
already being 27 years old, did you know that?  

Well that is because we do not feel that we can trust the American government any longer, not to involve us all in some jackass, immoral, and unnecessary war for the next twelve years. Enough time for Zerobama to live out the rest of our prison sentence of his term, and the dreaded possibility of Shrillary being elected in 2016.

Leticia and I, and even Dillon's birth mother are agreed on this point =at least= 

that our son will not be sent to a farce war to vindicate some half-black bastard's ego. 
Can I make myself clearer? ohhellyeah.
You, Mr. Obama, need to be impeached. You need to be hospitalized, and medically treated for your malady.

You may not have my only son to fight your war, asshole.


Mike said...

Tell us how you REALLY feel, Mal. -grin-

Actually, it's no laughing matter, is it? I've read polls that say from anywhere from 70-90% of Americans don't want to get involved over there. This could very well be Obama's Waterloo if he goes ahead and interferes against the wishes of the American public.

Americans are tired of war and *most* of us realize we simply can't afford another one...we couldn't afford the last one.

I see leftists saying "NOW you cons are anti-war!" No, many of us were against going into Iraq. I understood going after Bin Laden, but I wanted him found quickly (and I think it could have been done, but that's for another time), his head cut off, stuck in a jar full of formaldehyde and sent on a country-wide tour.

And speaking of anti-war, where are all the war protesters now? Why haven't we learned the lessons of Vietnam, where the side we supported was only marginally better than the one we fought?

Maybe we need to bring back the draft - after all, we need more bodies to grind up in the war machine. Yep, a draft and then the warmonger's plans will be derailed by the people rising up by the millions. What I'm afraid of is a civil war that would make the one in Syria pale by comparison.

Jeffro said...

Amen, my brother.