Friday, September 13, 2013


~ to your failure, and therefore your crimes, manager Will Sitz~

But who could blame you, really, for simply taking advantage of the organizational $cheme?~!!
Boldly and baldly, you leftwing,  Zerobama sycophant.

(anyone who follows the fine line of propriety, not included)~ --

I've surveyed Indian Casinos for the state of Oklahoma for seven years now, and other than the Creek Nation financial  fraud which I myself exposed in 2012, your poor management of a Casino is the 
Most Striking example of Mire.  Pig mire at best.

I've heard of young teen-aged drink servers who have complained about your overbearing, sexual advancements-- and then they leave your Choctaw casino in Pocola, and you remain.  

and, as you well know, complaints abound about you in both OKC and in Durant.
I'm suspect of you, keeping an eye on you, William Sitz, looking for the all-too-familiar fraud,

Expecting it too.

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