Friday, October 18, 2013

Alas, Poor I~Google Homepage, I Knew Thee Well

Googlies' personalized homepage, "i-Google" is to be discontinued in 13 days.  After so long away from the Internet, it would always feel good to me to come here to catch up on all my favorite bloggers & websites.

Alas, Google gave away too much.  Too Popular. More complicated than it (became to be) was worth.
Mostly, it probably kept users' web browsing confidential, and that cannot be tolerated, this day/age.

Drop Google, as they've dropped us.

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yeah, that's my email address.  Drop me a line if you want~!

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Mike said...

They keep doing away with all the things I like; first it was the sites they offered (forget what they were called, that's been a few yrs. ago)that were pretty close to a regular website w/ the ability to host files to embed. Of course, Blogger does some of the same things, but not quite as well.

Then there was Reader, gone just a few months ago. I did manage to find a good, FREE substitute - Feedly - but it was annoying to lose something I enjoyed so much.

Now it's iGoogle; at least I won't miss it nearly as much as the other two things - I'm using igHome, was easy to set up and nearly as customizable.