Saturday, October 12, 2013

Saved by the Beltran (Heroics)

If these play-off games get more exciting than this, I may watch 
the World Series from a hospital room, recovering from 
my latest heart-stoppage.   

Man~  Is Carlos Beltran just the all-around best ballplayer in the Majors now, or what??

In the 1st game of the National League Championship series last night in St. Louis between my Cardinals and the Los Angeles Dodgers, Beltran thrilled the world with his play.  There's no other way to put it, honestly, than that:  Carlos Beltran beat the mighty Dodgers.  

I've said this many times before, but it's worth saying again: 
"Baseball" is surreal, in that it is both a team sport, 
but it is mostly an arena for individual stars to shine.

As a batter, you are one against nine.  
As a team, every pitch, every play, every decision made, definitely determines the eventual outcome; however, there are those sublime games when one player has the situation in his back pocket; 
a badass hitter, a total defensive player, and in Carlos Beltran, right fielder for the Cardinals, a dangerous switch-hitter at the plate, 
and a player who can throw a Laser-strike to catcher Yadiar Molina from 165 feet away to tag a runner out at the plate. (!)

Awesome, was last night's game 1.  

The Dodgers could get swept in this, ya know??  Bring on Boston.  
We want Bean Town.

The first image below is of Beltran's intensity, after catching a shallow fly ball in right center field in the 10th inning.

Look at his eyes, his aim, his stance.  


His aim is dead on, his intent undeniable, and therefore, he cuts down the poor Dodger Ellis trying to score from third, 
in the top of the 10th inning.

Ain't happening.  OUT by 3 feet~!
Beltran even called off centerfielder John Jay on the play, knowing His arm could throw the strike to the plate to nail Ellis.

Earlier, in the 3rd inning, Carlos Beltran hit a two-out double, scoring two runs to tie the game at two.
In the 13th inning, Carlos Beltran hit the game winning hit, too.
Beltran: three RBIs last night. All three.

ESPN acknowledges Carlos' dominance in their story, here.

I didn't anticipate Carlos Beltran taking over this first game the Cards played against the Dodgers.  Owing to the fact that the Dodgers had several days off to rest, and the Cardinals only beat the Pirates on Wednesday, two days earlier, I had accepted that the Dodgers would win Game 1 of this series, and that the Cardinals would have their pitching ready, re-aligned for the remaining six games.

I overlooked Mr. Beltran, who by the way, I follow on "Twitter".  
At some point, a comparison will be made by smarter baseballers than I, between the worth of Beltran and the value of former Cardinal Albert Pujols... 

I'm wary of that myself, ... , but I remember who kindly answered me back on a Tweet once:  
Mr. Saved By The Beltran, Carlos

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