Sunday, October 27, 2013


Man, I do not know what to say that would perfectly encapsulate the bizarre ending to last night's baseball game, between the Cardinals and Red Sox.  
But I will try, heh~

It was historic, being the only World Series game 
in 112 years EVER to end on an umpire's Obstruction call.
It is already an instant classic game in baseball history, forever to be debated by baseball purists of, and in, any age.

The Cardinals won the game, 5-4, and the winning run Never Touched Home Plate.

Think that one over (be the first in your family, on your street, in your town) again. Cardinal baserunner Allen Craig was awarded home plate 88 feet away from his goal.  

My Cardinals are now leading the Boston Nine, two games to one, in this (so far) ExtremeEpic Fall Classic. 
When you remember World Series events, you hear the adage, "pitching wins Championships", remembering names like Koufax, Gibson, Clemons, Rivera, Don Larson, 
uh, Jack Morris, my gosh;;;Kent Tekulve, Vida Blue--

And in 99.97% of the 109 World Series so far, that's the accurate rule of thumb to apply.


The game for the first 8-1/3 innings was true to form in normal ways:  Timely, cunning strike-outs, clutch hits with runners in scoring position, and stunning,-- no, Dazzling defensive plays by both teams-- 

Once - in - a - DreamLife-time plays forsakenTO BECOME HISTORY'S 

Who had the go-ahead RBI, for either team, in whatever inning? I don't remember~  Which manager made the ballsy decision to intentionally walk what batter, when and why?  Who cares?
For eight and 1/3 innings, it was a gut wrenching, extreme sublime highs and disastrously low lows game for each team and each team's dyed in the wool, die hard fans.

Throw all that out the window, because there was to be a precedent.


I accept the ruling by umpire Jim Joyce, plate umpire Dana Demuth, et. al., , but when you witness history being made, a nuance, a never-before-seen sight, a God~Particle
-- how many days will my mouth be agape like it is this morning after? How long will I replay the video, trying to understand and to reassure myself, that "WE WON"?


The Local Malcontent said...

I guess what I'm really saying is that I'm halfway pissed off the game ended as it did last night.
OK, 61% p.o.ed.

The game ended on a blooper, instead of a more dramatic diving catch and a throw home nailing a runner out, or a satisfying homerun, hell, even a less-than-two-out sacrifice fly ball...

This kind of marrs it all for purists like me.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, my thing of not watching the games did work; the Cards won again.

If only I could find a way to ensure that Tennessee wins or Alabama loses football games. Last week I watched Tennessee win; I did not watch Alabama smear Arkansas all over the gridiron.

Yesterday I watched the first quarter while Alabama smeared Tennessee all over the gridiron -- I stopped watching but the carnage continued.

And my wife's alma mater, Mississippi State, will play Alabama in three weeks.

The Local Malcontent said...

Hello & Heyyah Old Friend~
Great to hear from ya this morning;

well, let's work on 'Bama losses, because that's more likely than a Tennessee win this season, harr harr.

Alabama WILL lose one game this SEC season, an upset, oould be MSU, but prolly not;; LSU, Georgia, Missouri are my best bets....
up is down and square is round, bad is gooey still though. Take care, my fav Georgian

Anonymous said...

I probably shouldn't have said out loud that I was "not watching" so the Cards would win. Jinxed it.