Friday, November 29, 2013



The Iraq trip itself was iconic.

With things starting to turn bad months after the invasion, Mr. Bush made a secret trip — his first — to visit troops on Thanksgiving. Few were told the details ahead of time in order to preserve security, and Air Force One had to make a corkscrew landing into Baghdad, surprising the troops on the ground who had no idea their commander in chief was coming.
Back home, the White House had said Mr. Bush was sharing Thanksgiving afternoon with family at his ranch in Texas. The reporters who accompanied the president weren’t able to share the real story until after they departed Baghdad and had climbed high enough to be safe from possible rocket attack.

While on the ground, Mr. Bush marched into a mess hall where hundreds of troops had gathered for Thanksgiving — a major meal the military always plays up for troops overseas, no matter where they are. Dan Bartlett, a close Bush aide, said the troops had been expecting someone important, such as a four-star general, but were stunned to see the president walk in.

“They were dumfounded — they just couldn’t believe he would do it,” Mr. Bartlett told The Washington Times this week, saying it helps explain the former president’s ongoing bond with the troops he committed to two wars. “That was a seminal event for a commander in chief and the troops, for him to do that. I oftentimes talk to veterans, they bring that up as often as they bring up the bullhorn and 9/11. I think it was the beginning of a deepening relationship.”

and AFTER:

WASHINGTON -- Barely a year after (Mr.) Obama's re-election, he sat down for his Thanksgiving dinner with some policy achievements to be thankful for, but with the bone of one major political turkey sticking in his throat.

And ten different pies.  

In all, instead of (Mr.) Obama being able to give thanks for finally beginning to turn the corner on the multitude of  political woes he had to tackle in his first term, he finds himself stymied by his own administration's mishandling of his prime domestic initiative.

It may seem to some to be ironic, if not comic, that after nearly five years of struggling to get on with his own political agenda for change, Barack Obama is ensnarled in a circumstance that challenges not his intellect nor his good intentions, but his competence as a manager.

Mr. Obama's job approval rating has been dropping precipitously, like turkeys tossed from a helicopter over 
a Cincinnati shopping mall's parking lot.  
Watch Out Below, more Obama birdcrap to follow. 

Oh, look up the video yourselves, it's from "WKRP In Cincinnati"
you can imagine/ remember it.



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